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Star Wars has often been hailed as a visual masterpiece, but one of the things that truly sets it apart is the lived-in quality of the sets and props. Far from the antiseptic feel of other science fiction franchises, ships and droids have a certain verisimilitude; they get dirty, they have smell. This has led to the eternal question (normally posed by Alex) "What does it smell like?"

The default sort order is alphabetical.


What is it? Minute What does it smell like?
Anakin Skywalker (while facing General Grievous) ROTS 20
Young Anakin Skywalker TPM 84 Bantha poodoo. Dust and Sand. Watto.
The audience chamber of Vader's castle R1 75 Sulfur, strawberry lava (delicious), freshly charred flesh.
Burning Grievous ROTS 68 (all burnt) Raspberry preserves, fried chicken, hair, electrical.
Burning Jawa bodies SWM:WE 145 Cinnamon.
Cassian Andor's breath R1 10 Cashews
Cloud City ESB 80 A casino.
Farts (from all the beldon gas).
Dryer sheets (from an 8-DAY-GREEDO call).
Sickly sweet cocoa butter.
Travel or the inside of an airplane.

Outside - a town that has a paper mill; industrial.
Inside - air-conditioned.

The Crawl at the start of Return of the Jedi. ROTJ 1 Vile; it stinks.
Darth Vader ESB 110 Band-aids and Altoids.
Darth Vader (under his armor) ESB 45 Sweat socks and old leather.
Like if you keep a band-aid on too long.
Darth Vader's breath SWM 37
ESB 101
Motor oil and curry
Carbon dioxide; car exhaust; gases of Bespin.
The Death Star SWM 37 Fear.
Eadu R1 58 "Fecund soil with an undertone of acrid stink"

Sting's acrid sweat.

Every scene in the Prequels ESB 45 Febreze™.
Ewoks ROTJ 64 Danger

Wet dog.

Geonosis (the steam) AOTC 96 Krispy Kreme.

Subway (restaurant).

Ham air.

George Lucas ROTJ 98 Chicken sandwiches.
Han ESB 121 (Special Edition) Musk: raw leather with a little bit of wet dog. Charming.
Han Solo after being released from the carbonite ROTJ 19 Carbonite (obviously) and the last meal that he ate on Cloud City.
Inside the Jabba the Hutt puppet ROTJ 9 Foam rubber, paint, solvents, chemicals and three guys all in a million degrees.
Jabba the Hutt ROTJ 15 Weed; a blanket from the back of a hippie's van; opium; patchouli; frog guts; dark basement.
The Jawa Sandcrawler SWM 44
Poop / metallic oily smell.
The Millennium Falcon and its smuggling compartments SWM 60
SWM 65
Lots of things, and none of them pleasant
Strong spices, curry, and garbage.
Our heroes and their clothes SWM 87
SWM 97
Garbage masher stench (starting Minute 77 and throughout the rest of the movie).
Qui Gon's "Defiance" TPM 128 Burlap and hair grease.
The Raddus (aka the Dawn of Tranquility) TLJ 98 Either chlorinated like a pool, or moldy and musty like an aquarium.
The Rancor Pit ROTJ 27 The reptile house at the zoo.
The Wookiee house set from the filming of the Holiday Special The Holiday Special part II Cigarettes and sweat.
Yoda ESB 68 Rotting seaweed - like a seaweed smoothie; totally nauseating.
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