Attack of the Clones Minute 15: The Valet's First Day

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December 2nd, 2016


Obi-Wan sees the droid outside the window and races straight at it, crashing through the blinds as he goes through the window.


J. Kenji López-Alt



  • Starts with Obi-Wan observing that Palpatine is very clever, ends with Anakin looking for Obi-Wan in the skyways of Coruscant.
  • Start of the first real action sequence of the movie.
  • First demonstration of Anakin's superior Force skills.
  • New Padmé outfit: Pajamas.


  • Imagine what this scene must have been like from Padmé's point of view. This kid she knew for like a week ten years ago wakes her up by jumping onto her bed swinging a lightsaber.
    • Then his friend jumps out the window.
  • Did Obi-Wan also sense the bugs, or was he just playing along?
  • It's surprising (and very out of character) for Obi-Wan to jump out the window.
    • It seems like the reverse (Anakin should be more impulsive and Obi-Wan more conservative) should have happened.
      • Maybe he wanted to impress Padmé, or he's just sick of hearing Anakin talk.
      • What exactly is Obi-Wan's plan here? This is the "feel, don't think" that Qui-Gon was talking about.
    • This is the first exciting spontaneous moment in the Prequels. It feels more like the Original Trilogy.
  • Low budget R2.
  • In the script, Padmé covers herself in response to seeing Anakin.
  • Where was Typho? I thought he was downstairs.
  • The ASN courier droid has remarkably good levitation considering it probably wasn't designed to have somebody jump on it and hang on.
    • But if it's been programmed for assassination, why does it then fly back to Zam?
    • Technology reflects the year the film was made.
  • Anakin backs the speeder up really fast.
  • Things we'd like to see: cut to the owner of the speeder berating the poor valet who lost a car on his first day.
  • Do Jedi have the right of eminent domain?
    • Referenced: Jack Bauer from "24"
  • What temperature is it? Warm?
  • Do the hosts plan to keep doing the podcast ad infinitum?
    • At the very least, they will complete the Prequel trilogy.
    • They'd also like to cover TFA, or at least they haven't discussed not doing it.
    • If they keep making one Star Wars film per year, then they should be able to keep up, but not if they start releasing two in a year.
  • The "Rey is a Palpatine" theory.

Meta Minute

  • 25:45 podcast episode length.
  • Anakin stole that speeder. We know this from the dialog in an upcoming minute.
  • Although Pete mentioned it offhand, Jim and Mark (of Airport Minute) announced they will be doing a 007 Minute podcast starting November, 2017.

Coruscant astronomy

  • The Coruscant system is, at minimum, comprised of Coruscant and its sun (referred to as simply "Coruscant's sun"). Wookieepedia describes it as a "tiny star" which was fairly far from Coruscant.
    • Average distance is 229 million km (142 million mi or 1.53 au). Earth, by contrast, averages about 150 million km (93 million mi or 1 au) from its fairly medium-sized sun.
    • SO, Coruscant should be freezing cold, unless:
A) There is a runaway greenhouse effect like we see on Venus, or
B) The planet's core is extremely radioactive, generating heat through radioactive decay (this occurs in Earth, and explains why the Earth has managed to stay warm for 4.54 billion years1, rather than the 20-40 million calculated by Lord Kelvin), or finally
C) Because the climate of Coruscant is artificially maintained (see Pete's furnace theory). Wookieepedia describes the climate as "temperate (artificial)".
  • But this does not explain why the sun looks so big in the films.
  • This is how big it should really look (for calculations, click the image below).


  • Pete: (misquoting Back to the Future) Where we're going, we don't need streets. Kenji: Roads. Pete: We don't need those either.
  • Pete: (à la Ric Olié) The whole planet is one big pit barbecue.
  • Pete: Only a Jedi could defenestrate that quickly.


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