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Occasionally our hosts or their guests will make wild guesses that by some astronomical chance turn out to be correct.
The most famous of these is that Han Solo would die in Episode VII by falling off a bridge (although technically it was probably the lightsaber stuck in his middle that killed him). This page is named after the time that the hosts were talking about celebrity deaths (coincidentally this conversation occurred while they were discussing their Han Solo prediction), and Pete threw out Tom Petty as someone who it would surprise him to learn had died. Although he said it offhand, right around when the episode aired he actually did pass away. Coincidence?? Yeah probably. But still!

Other Examples

Prediction Mentioned
Alex predicted that one person could fly the Falcon while the other manned the gun turret, as we saw in Episode VII. ANH 115
Asterios predicted Han would die in Episode VII ESB 19
Asterios predicted that Episode VII would feature a giant space cannon. ROTJ 67
Pete called the results of the US 2016 presidential election, to the chagrin of both our hosts. TPM 19
Of the many predictions Tony Thaxton made before seeing TLJ, he correctly guessed that we'd see a ghost Yoda

TLJ 84

Alex actually predicted that Luke would die in Episode VIII. Most impressive. AOTC 80
Tom Petty AOTC 110
Baby Yoda ESB 70
Richard Ayoade playing a protocol droid SWM:WE 32
Episode IX would have a giant Rebel fleet showing up to save the day, led by Lando. TFA 70
Rey Palpatine AOTC 15

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