Star Wars Minute 9: Daine Jir

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June 13, 2013.


Minute 9 of Star Wars: Darth Vader interrogates Princess Leia and droids walk through the desert


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts in the middle of Vader's questioning of Leia and ends with the droids wandering around in the desert.
  • First appearance of imperial officers (Daine Jir and Commander Praji).
  • Referenced: Star Wars Collectible Card Game.
  • Vader is startled by an imperial officer in this minute.
  • Leia appears to misspeak in this minute by saying that she's on a diplomatic mission TO Alderaan – shouldn't it be FROM Alderaan (i.e. her home planet)?


  • Dubbing of British actors with American voice actors for imperial officers. This means Americans died on the Death Star at the end of the movie.
  • Imperial officers don't appear to be intimidated by Darth Vader.
  • Vader says "There will be no one to stop us this time". Who's been stopping them up until now, the Imperial Senate?
  • Droids in the desert to be discussed in the next podcast episode.
  • Leia is not aware that Vader is her father at this point – she still thinks that it's Space Jimmy Smits. When she finds out in ROTJ she just seems to think that it's gross more than anything else.
  • Princess Leia's lineage and early memory of mother. In ROTJ Leia says that she remembers her mother who was very sad and died when Leia was very young. This can't be Padmé (Natalie Portman) so it must be her adopted mother. Given this, exactly what does Leia know about her various parents at this stage?
  • Did the Stormtroopers speak to Leia—and vice versa—as they escorted her to her cell?

Meta Minute

  • 10:08 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Tony asking "How long is this movie?"
  • Pete discloses his affection for imperial officers in general.
  • Bad British accents are employed in this podcast of Pete's and Alex's as well.
  • During their discussion of The Naboo Movie, it is revealed that Praji comes from one of the founding families of Coruscant.
  • In discussing possible conversation between Leia and the stormtroopers Alex says "Total silence!" in the manner of Carl Showalter, Steve Buscemi's character in Fargo (1996).
  • This is the first this is the first time where Jimmy Smits is referred to as Space Jimmy Smits on the main podcast; however, he was referred to as such on the Ink Banthas show.
    • This is also the first episode where the hosts try (and fail) to say the closing "Star Wars Minute" in unison.


  • Tony: And I am Lord Tony!
  • Alex: Let me guess, is the other guy's name like 'S. Capepod'?
  • Alex: But again, that's prequels crap.
  • Tony: In the sign-off as R2-D2 "Beep boop beep bop...".


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