Jedi Minute 32: Weequay's Turn To Shine

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February 17th, 2015


Luke looks up at Artoo, then gives a jaunty salute: the signal the little droid has been waiting for.


Dan McCoy, Elliott Kalan and Stuart Wellington



  • Starts with Jabba preparing to listen to the victims pleas for mercy.
Ends with Luke doing a complicated high-dive from the desert skiff.
  • Another great Star Wars insult - "slimy piece of worm-ridden filth".


  • The Flop House guys had to find the clearing in the woods where the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast is recorded.
  • It sounds like Jabba is saying "teenie Jedi" again.
  • Jabba has a terrible view of the proceedings.
  • Does the Sail Barge have air-conditioning?
  • Jabba puts on a lot of airs and graces. Or is it just C-3PO saying all of that to a) ingratiate himself with Jabba or b) motivate Luke?
  • Are there too many Han jokes? He had them all bottled up from being in the carbonite.
  • Indiana Jones being Han's fever dream while in the carbonite.
  • Mentioned: the Clue movie.
  • C-3PO needs to use the microphone to make everyone hear him but they can all clearly hear Han and Luke shouting. Luke may be using Force projection to make everyone hear them.
  • Luke using Force projection for everything. He's actually overweight and is just sitting back on the skiff in a lawn chair.
  • Luke is super cool as he stands on the gang-plank waiting for his punishment.
  • Jabba should have picked up on all the very obvious signals that all of the heroes were giving each other.
  • Every kid tried or wanted to try Luke's flip from a pool diving board.
  • Where R2-D2 shoots the lightsaber from.
  • What was the plan, and is this all still going to plan? Or are they improvising now?
  • Things that could have gone wrong with the plan.
  • Luke really gets to use his Jedi flip training from Yoda.
  • Details of the plan and why Jabba didn't notice.
  • One of the skiff guards is wearing a mustache protector - this is one of the worst costumes in all of Star Wars.
  • The Barada story:
    • A slave owned by Jabba. Works as a mechanic.
    • Collaborating with another character to kill Jabba (as is everyone at Jabba's Palace)..
    • Played by an actor called Dickey Beer; he was also a stuntman for Superman 3.
  • The lifestyle of a Sarlacc.
  • The other skiff is still doing laps as Luke starts his attack. Maybe the driver doesn't know how to control the skiff.
  • Evidence that this is all part of the plan. R2-D2 bumps into C-3PO to knock his drinks tray off so that he can fire the lightsaber. What would have happened if the drinks tray did not fall off.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 18:12 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - The caller thought that the skiff guards (race Weequay) were Tusken Raiders without their bandages.
  • The "carbonite dream" hypothesis has become part of the official lore on Indiana Jones Minute.
  • Spoilers for The Last Jedi, but it turns out that, yes, Force projection is a thing, it's just really hard on a Jedi to do it.


  • Eliott: (as Bib Fortuna) <babbles unintelligibly> No Wonga "air". Stuart: That's some amazing Huttese.
  • Dan: Artoo's blowhole.
  • Pete: In non-special edition he doesn't taste very good; in the special edition we don't know how he tastes.


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