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While it started as a running joke, whenever someone mentions a domain name or vanity link that isn't taken yet, Pete will buy and/or create it.

List of Internet Domains

Domain Episode(s) mentioned (which episode?), TROS 62 and R1 53, TLJ 101, and TROS 62 TLJ 101, TROS 62 TLJ 91 ROTS 94 R1 35 TFA 68 (which episode?) R1 34 TFA 77 TLJ 21 TFA 90

List of Vanity Links

URL Links to Episode mentioned Tony Consiglio's Amazon page (Which episode?)
Tony Consiglio's Teepublic store TFA 134 The main page for Orange Julius Dollar shave club affiliate link (now defunct) Stance socks affiliate link (now defunct) THE STAR WARS MINUTE Threadless store The Patreon page The Patreon page Book of Boba Fett Chapter 3: Welcome Back, Boba SWMLS on the Facebook The SWM Amazon affiliate link (now defunct) Star Wars Minute listener survey R1 76 The Fan2Sea cruise The Star Wars Minute on YouTube Bingo! TLJ 94
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