Jedi Minute 105: Insular Dwarfism

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May 29th, 2015


Luke can resist no longer. The lightsaber flies into his hand. He ignites it in an instant and swings at the Emperor.


Ryan Haupt



  • Starts with the Emperor telling Luke all is lost and the Alliance will die. Ends with things looking up as Chewbacca and some Ewoks spot an AT-ST on the horizon.
  • Emperor Palpatine's "eye slugs" very visible in this minute


  • The conclusion of podcaster All-Star Week
  • The Emperor's slow backtalk
  • Discussion of Luke's struggle with the Dark Side
    • Did you think Luke would ever turn?
  • Evolutionary history of Ewoks and Wookiees
  • SWM-Canon explanation of noise heard during space battles occurring in a vacuum
  • Discussion of astronomical systems.

Meta Minute

  • 38:00 podcast episode length.
  • A prime example of the redundancy in English due to the Norman conquest is in legal discourse. Phrases like "breaking and entering" or "will and testament", which are technically redundant result from using both the Old English and French words for the same ideas[1]. In this example, "breaking" comes from the Old English whereas "entering" is from Old French.
  • The real-world connection between Ewoks and Wookiees was discussed in ROT minute 63.


  • Ryan: "I read this book, once. I read a book one time and never tried it again. Pete: "That's all it takes to be a scientist, huh?"
  • Pete: "If the Force exists, then the Falcon is a Jedi."


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