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Ryan Haupt is an actual scientist and host of the podcast "Science… sort of". Whether in the lab or the real world, he often annoys his friends by getting overly excited about the most recent fan conspiracy theory fixing plot holes in his favorite pieces of nerd culture. He knows a good rum when he sees one, and is on the record as preferring this podcast to his own.

The hosts regularly request Ryan's scientific expertise to explain the idiosyncrasies of the Star Wars universe. Ryan is excellent at taking these idiosyncrasies (which are usually physically impossible and totally unscientific) and explaining them in a way that makes sense and is even plausible. Examples include:

  • Explaining the destruction of Alderaan in SWM 57.
  • Explaining how The Death Star laser actually generates and applies energy, also in SWM 57.

Also, there have been some scientific questions raised for Ryan on the podcast that have not been addressed yet, and may never be due to the mystery of science and the podcast. These include:

  • The effects of blowing up a giant gas planet like Yavin as raised in SWM 105.

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Total Airtime
4 hours, 37 minutes, 16 seconds
Average Episode Length
24 minutes, 18 seconds
Longest Episode
Phantom Menace Minute 79: Spider Chair (40 minutes, 24 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Star Wars Minute 56: Warning! Death Star In Area! (15 minutes, 5 seconds)
This information complete as of the TFA - R1 Hiatus

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