Jedi Minute 41: Yoda's Butler

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March 2nd, 2015


Yoda sits himself on his bed, with great effort.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Yoda saying that he's not that strong.
Ends with Yoda telling Luke that he will only be a Jedi once he confronts Vader.


  • How much does Yoda bench / lift?
  • Thanks to Tony for joining the podcast for a week of dying Muppet.
  • Tony loves the Muppets very much.
    • Shoutout to the other Muppet-loving Tony.
  • It's always weird to see Muppet legs. Yoda looks pretty good for an old dying Muppet.
  • Luke holding and singing to Yoda.
  • Where does Yoda get all his stuff from? Space Amazon?
  • Yoda is even more confusing than normal when he's being poetic.
  • Can Yoda decide when he's going to die? It must have something to do with Luke returning because the timing is too coincidental.
  • Jedi dying just means that they move to the next level (i.e. Force ghost).
  • Yoda just didn't want to die alone.
  • Yoda finally revealing to Luke that he isn't actually Yoda and he was tricking him the whole time. He is actually just Yoda's butler.
  • Yoda tells Luke that he has to confront Darth Vader again to become a Jedi. Does every Jedi have a personal challenge to overcome before becoming a Jedi? Also, what would happen to Luke if Darth Vader died in some other way?
    • Referenced: El Guapo from ¡Three Amigos!
  • Yoda means "kill" when he says "confront".
  • Could Luke just have gone straight for the Emperor instead?
  • What Yoda is wearing around his neck. Maybe it's his Life Alert bracelet / necklace.
  • Does Yoda have pajamas to sleep in or does he just wear the robes? Jedi seem to only have one outfit that they wear for everything.
  • Jedi as crazy old wizards.
  • Yoda doesn't need more than one outfit given that he's living alone by himself in a swamp. Are these the same robes that he was wearing in the Prequels?
  • The nature / status of Yoda and Yaddle's relationship.
  • There's a quote that could be paraphrased irl from now on - when Yoda says "That is the way of things". Pete is going to say this every time he gets into bed - it will be a very deep cut.
  • Luke is effectively tucking Yoda in to bed. Alex is going to organize for Mark Hamill to tuck Pete into bed at some point.
  • Luke is very whiny in this minute as Yoda is trying to quietly die. Yoda should have gotten very annoyed at Luke.
  • Did Luke reclaim his lamp from Yoda after he died? How long after Luke's last visit to Dagobah is this taking place? 3 months, 1 year, 3 years?
  • Luke is already dressed in black for Yoda's passing.
  • The orange firelight lighting in this sequence is unusual.
  • Support the Show.
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO and say what you like about Ewoks.
  • Tony will be back tomorrow for more Yoda fun.

Meta Minute

  • 19:48 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - the caller discusses Bantha poodoo versus Bantha fodder.
  • According to Wookieepedia, the events of this movie take place 1 year after the events of The Empire Strikes Back[1].


  • Pete: When we hear "dying Muppet", we think Tony Consiglio.
  • Tony: What are you doing with Yoda's butler?
  • Alex: Hey man, we're all one with The Force.


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