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DR. JEREMY CARTER, PhD is a cofounder of the Superego Podcast, occasionally popping up on the Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Dead Authors podcast, the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, Comedy Bang Bang, and the Super Serious Show. Anywhere Superego is found, Jeremy will be there.
He is on a raw dough diet. Known to zone out. Jeremy loves animals, superheroes, action figures, Stratocasters, and once got drunk with Dave Grohl. He has performed with ComedySportz and was a founding member of the five man sketch group Der Monkenpickle.
Jeremy has appeared in numerous Channel 101 shorts, particularly: Ultraforce, Buckle Up!, and Time Belt (where he was given the opportunity to play Adolph Hitler as Ricardo Montalbán).
He performs at various venues in the greater Los Angeles area.

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