Last Jedi Minute 15: The Old Man on the Mountain

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February 19th, 2021


Guest commentator Jackie Kashian traveled a long time to see the boss moves Luke will bust out now that Rey is giving him his lightsaber back!


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with a slight flashback as Rey stands before a cloakéd figure on Ahch-To and ends with Rey wandering through a strange village looking for Luke Skywalker.
  • In TFA, Rey is holding the lightsaber straight out (which is a no-no) but here she's holding it sideways to facilitate the hand-off. It shows that this is not footage from TFA but that they reconstructed the shot for TLJ.


  • Comparison between the scene in this movie and in TFA (minute 127).
    • The action is all the same, and Rian Johnson was on set when they filmed it, but the big reveal has already been made by this point.
  • Is it like the joke with the snail and the old man on the mountain (where he kicked her off once already and this is her second attempt)?
  • The joke that's upcoming is given away by the music cutting out just before he throws the saber away.
  • We hear his hand whirring only when we're supposed to. It would be funny if it was really loud all the time.
  • Since Luke is going into exile to live out his golden years, he should have brought a medical droid. A nice quiet one. But it would be annoying if it was constantly downloading updates.

The (very controversial) throwback

  • The whole last movie was about tracking him down and now our expectations are undermined as he throws it back over his shoulder.
  • The hosts all like it. The lightsaber belongs in a museum (wrong show).
  • When Star Wars tries to take itself too seriously that's when it fails. This is not that. You can't treat the property so preciously.
  • This scene echoes the first appearance of Yoda. Mentioned: Minch.
    • It would be funny if Luke went full on Yoda and was pretending to be toys kooky old man and Rey didn't fall for it for even a moment.
  • What's the real life equivalent to this scene? Your father's watch that you lost 30 years ago? It's more like your dad is Stalin and he gave you this watch and you abandoned it (and his legacy) intentionally. Luke is rejecting the role that the lightsaber represents.
  • Luke is more mature in this movie but he's still his whiny old self underneath.
  • The lightsaber represents not just #ThatJediLife but Darth Vader/Anakin and the fall to the dark side, and Luke was a party to the exact same thing in another wave.
  • Or it's like if someone handed you your portable CD player from 1998: it was important to you at one point but you no longer have any use for it.
  • After seeing Luke in [Spoilers]"The Mandalorian" and how much Jedi-ing he had to do back then, it makes sense that he isn't keen on coming out of retirement.
  • Plug-in for

Meta Minute

  • 19:07 podcast episode length.
  • Itchy is Chewie's father, not his father-in-law.


  • Jackie: His weird mechanical phalanges.
  • Jackie: Peter at work, you guys.
  • Jackie: No I don't want to be the lightsaber guy anymore.


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