Last Jedi Minute 49: Fun with the Force

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April 8th, 2021


School is in session as Rey reaches out for her first Jedi lessons from Luke Skywalker and guest commentator Ken Plume!


Ken Plume



  • Starts with Luke giving lesson #1 in the Force: sit there with your legs crossed. Ends with Rey saying she'll try again.


  • Referenced: "Taste the Rainbow".
  • This is Ken's favorite scene in the film.
    • The two actors' performances are right on point.
    • It's so rare that we see these movies having fun with the Force.
      • Luke Skywalker's "Fun with the Force" as a series of instructional tapes.
      • Referenced: "Dot Fun".
      • Luke clearly learned how to train Jedi from Yoda.
  • How long has Luke been exile, when did Kylo Ren destroy the temple?
    • Mentioned: Wallace Stanfield "Sweet Stan" Lane.
    • It doesn't feel like Kylo Ren has been with Snoke that long. Mentioned: "Jedi: Fallen Order".
    • Mentioned: "The Rise of Kylo Ren" (suggested to us by Patrick Cotnoir. Shout out to former guest of the show Charles Soule.
      • The universe forgot all about Luke fairly quickly.
  • Comparing Luke's description of what the Force is to how Obi-Wan described it.
    • Whose is the more "correct" version?
      • Robot Jedi. Referenced: Skippy the Droid. Referenced: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991).
  • Luke and Rey bonding about growing up on desert planets and now being surrounded by water.
  • Rey sincerely wants to learn and trusts Luke to teach her (perhaps to her folly).
  • Other Daisy Ridley performances.
  • Similar to how Star Wars painted characters in broader strokes than Empire, this movie is more of a character study than Force Awakens.
  • Ken's Last Jedi memories.
He saw it as soon as possible to avoid spoilers. 
He liked it in a qualified way because he had to sit with it a bit to appreciate it.
 He had to reconcile with his expectations for Luke's arc.
 A lot of what the film is criticized for was actually set up in The Force Awakens. Luke walking away and being a recluse was handed to Rian Johnson by J. J. Abrams.
 There are consequences to reckless heroism. Poe is forced to ask himself who he's actually doing it for: self-aggrandizement or the good of the group and it's good to explore that.
 In some ways the film feels like the end rather than the middle of a trilogy. There are no hints as to what's coming next, and all our remaining main characters are together in one place.
 Our hosts liked "Rey Nobody" rather than being locked into a bloodline and the whole conflict being a squabble between the Palpatine and Skywalker families. Rian tried to open things up to a more egalitarian aspirational view of the Force, but this was a departure from ROTJ and TPM.
 Ken also liked that Finn and Rose got to have their own story, even though most people seem to view their plot line as an unnecessary digression. 
 Bottom line: Ken admires the narrative ambition of Rian Johnson and that he opened more doors than he closed for the universe and for the characters.
  • Plug for the side projects!

Meta Minute

  • 36:11 podcast episode length.
  • Alex is wearing his SWM "Bespin Falling" shirt and has a Native Tatooiner figure.
    • All three hosts show us what they're drinking. Alex is drinking out of an orange mug, Pete has a clear beverage in a glass bottle, and Ken has a soda can.
  • Pete quotes Singin' In The Rain, which he has many times mentioned being a fan of.
  • Once again, Alex, Mads Mikkelsen is Danish.


  • Alex: "Taste... the aspartame."
  • Ken: (as a stoned Obi-Wan) Qui-Gon used to say [the Force] was, like, cool man.
  • Alex: *shrugging* ...there's no such thing as a happy ending—for anyone—Pete: <pleasantly> We're all doomed.
  • Ken: What I'm saying is: "justice for 'Canto Blight'".


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