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On episodes of Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition, Pete (usually) reads out the names of all the people that Support the Show by donating money every month via Patreon, whether or not they pledge at a high enough level to listen to the Weekend shows.

People regularly change their Patreon-registered names to silly things / questions, because it's funny to hear Pete say them and the hosts talk about them. Sometimes, groups of supporters get together to make Pete read out entire scenes from the movies. In the past these have included:

Originally, Pete would read the ever-growing list of names every week, but beginning in mid-2018, the guys decided to switch to reading the Roll Call only once a month for the first episode of each month. Which episode constitutes the first of the month is determined following Star Wars Minute Standard Time where, if an episode is recorded before the end of the month but released after the start of the next month, it does not count for the purposes of doing the roll call.

For a list of SWM:WE episodes containing a Roll Call, see
Category:Roll Call episodes.

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