Phantom Menace Minute 110: The Big Gungan Goo-Ball Battle

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April 22nd, 2016


The battle droids reconfigure into their standing position. The Gungans get ready for an attack.


Heather Antos



  • "Ouch time" - Tarpals


  • Discussion of how good the racks of folded droids are, similar to racks of folding chairs found in schools. Pete recounted loving the folding chair falling short in Pixar's Up.
  • Do the Gungans only fight with goo balls? Do they have some sort of on-battlefield production (some animal pooping them out), or when they're out they're done?
  • Heather said that it is Canon that Gungan shields protect from force lightning
  • Jar jar is there to break tension, but he breaks it so often that it never builds up
  • Discussion of what battle droids are made of.
  • Mentioned: Pixar's Up, the Flintstones, Unobtainium (Avatar)

Meta Minute



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