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Since very early in the history of the podcast, it has been the goal and unofficial motto of THE STAR WARS MINUTE to "analyze, scrutinize, and celebrate" each and every Star Wars movie. However, saying this every episode can get kind of boring, and the hosts try to change it up every so often. At first the "celebrate" part was irregularly replaced with another word, but now one of the hosts (usually Pete) will come up with a new word or phrase that ends in "-ize" every other Friday. Below is a list of the various endings to the SWM motto and where in the podcast they appear.

New "-ize"

Star Wars Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Analyze, criticize, philosophize, and hyperbolize ANH 23
Hyper-analyze, and micro-scrutinize, and super-detailed discussionize ANH 24
Crack wise ANH 29
...Digitize? ANH 31
Hyper-discussionize ANH 32
Hyperbolize ANH 38
Analyze, hypothesize, and Prancersise ANH 39
Are generally mesmerized ANH 44
Harmonize ANH 47
Analyze, criticize, and worshipize ANH 71

Empire Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Carbonize ESB 3
Winterize ESB 4
Bette Davis Eyes ESB 10
Incentivize ESB 12
Behind Blue Eyes ESB 20
RIGHT between the eyes ESB 30
Pulverize ESB 40
Banana cream pies ESB 50
Chimpanzee eyes ESB 55
Rhapsodize Deep Blue Sea Minute
Capsize ESB 60
Judge me by my size ESB 70
"Lobotomize" ESB 80
Agonize ESB 90
Lobot's side-eyes ESB 100
Cauterize ESB 110
Finalize ESB 120
Watery eyes ESB 125

Jedi Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
"He's no Jedi[s]" ROTJ 10
"Look I so old to young eyes" ROTJ 40
Finally dies ROTJ 45
Bothan Spies ROTJ 50
Ink Panther-ize ROTJ 60
"...lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes." ROTJ 70
Ewok tribes ROTJ 78
Emperor "Wee Wee Eyes" ROTJ 90
Talk to our wives ROTJ 110
"Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes" ROTJ 120
Special effects supervise ROTJ 130

The Phantom Menace Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Revoke the trade franchise TPM 10
Missing Jedis TPM 20
"Grabben dat Jedi[s]" TPM 30
Reattach C-3PO's eyes TPM 40
Here, use this power suppl[ies] TPM 50
"They're side by side[s]" TPM 70
Something to remember me by's TPM 80
Anakin will become a Jedi[s] TPM 90
Obi-Wan's much more wise TPM 100
Watch the droid army rise TPM 110
Qui-Gon dies TPM 120
Finalize <again> TPM 130
Penultimize TPM 136

Attack of the Clones Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Captain Typho's eyes AOTC 10
Fall from the skies AOTC 20
The bus arrives AOTC 30
"FORbidden" for Jedi[s] AOTC 40
Bad CG-ize AOTC 50
Staring at the sunrise with closed eyes AOTC 60
"This is why I hate to fly"s AOTC 70
Shmi dies AOTC 80
The first time C-3PO flies AOTC 90
R2-D2 [F-wing]in' flies AOTC 100
"Patience Viceroy, patience. She will die[s]" AOTC 110
Patronize AOTC 120
Crudely materialize AOTC 130
Assistant-costume-standbys AOTC 140
Say our goodbyes AOTC 143

Revenge of the Sith Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Elevator-rides ROTS 10
Background beep harmonize ROTS 20
New apprent-ize ROTS 30
Jedi council spies ROTS 40
Kashyyyk is spelled with three 'y's ROTS 50
"Army or not, you must realize..." ROTS 60
Koyaanisqatsize ROTS 70
March past statues of the four master Jedis ROTS 80
(A real stretch) "Things will be different, I prom-ize" ROTS 90
Anakin has turned to the dark side[s] ROTS 100
New Line Cinem-ize ROTS 110
Cut off at the thighs ROTS 120
Dichotomize ROTS 130
Music performed by's ROTS 140

The Force Awakens Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Glowing red eyes TFA 10
Poe can fly a TIE but why's TFA 20
BB-8's sad because Poe dies TFA 30
A whole hour's gone by's TFA 60
The Republic, to the galaxy, lies TFA 70
Some droid that I don't quite recognize TFA 80
I know I've used it before, several times, but I need to say: "Patreonize"* TFA 90
Patricize TFA 110
Hey, a brand new sun in the skies TFA 120
Assistant art director Lydia Fry[s] TFA 130
*Pete tries to use "Patreonize" or some variant of this whenever the "new -ize" happens during a Patreon All-Star Week.

Rogue One Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Kyber crystallize R1 10
"It's high. It's very high" R1 20
Kyber crystals power the lightsabers of the Jedi[s] R1 30
It must be quite a surprise R1 40
Away from the destruction of Jedha, the U-wing flies R1 50
Massassay temple launching both X-wings and Ys R1 60
Jyn cries because Galen dies R1 70
Jebl-ize (that doesn't make any sense) R1 80
Jyn and Cassian in disguise R1 90
For some reason suddenly we're concerned about file size R1 100
General Merrick gets shot down by TIEs R1 110
Patreonize <again> R1 120
Asset and environment supervise R1 130

Last Jedi Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Bolides TLJ 10
First Order officer side-eyes TLJ 20
There's no proof that Stomeroni Starck dies TLJ 30
Finn gets recognized TLJ 40
Close your eyes TLJ 50
Deify TLJ 60
Free rides TLJ 70
Shlft the tides TLJ 80
Arrive, escorted by TIEs TLJ 90
Distress signal to our allies TLJ 100
Holdo's off to ride into the TLJ 110
Salinize TLJ 120
What would we see through C-3PO's eyes? TLJ 130
Sunset not sunrise TLJ 140
Motion controller technician Alex McBrides TLJ 150

Solo Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Up on its sides S 10
In the mud, Han Solo lies S 20
What's the difference between families and tribes? S 30
On this job, forty percent of the crew dies S 40
One that I can't jeopardize S 50
Proselytize? (again) S 60
Prioritize S 69
Gas has been ionized S 70
But never improvise S 80
Posthumously apologize S 90
Hey, what's with all the side eyes? S 100
Lies within lies within lies S 110
Boy, is Chewbacca surprised S 120
[If Pete had done the intro, he would have said] production assistant Kashiya Olopade-Hinds [but he didn't] S 130

The Rise of Skywalker Minute

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Boulder these TIEs TROS 10
Sith alchemize TROS 20

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