Jedi Minute 110: Sorry Not Sorry

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June 5th, 2015


The young Jedi leaps in an amazing reverse flip up to the safety of the catwalk overhead. Vader stands below him.


Ella Moran and Baby K



  • Starts with Luke and Vader crossing swords, and ends with a shot of the space battle, and Lando saying "watch out!"
  • "Lightsaber boomerang".


  • Kristen is on assignment and couldn't make it back today.
  • There's a lot of subtext in this minute.
  • The Dark side is like an addiction; even if Vader is conflicted, he's still helpless to resist.
  • If Luke doesn't fight, then he'll meet his destiny. Isn't this against the whole point of 'destiny'?
  • Pete's theory that the Force doesn't exist.
  • DJ Death Squad Commander booths.
  • Luke is setting the pace of the battle.
  • Lightsabers are almost never on when out of someone's hand. Is there a dead-man switch?
  • Sheev is completely sure that whoever wins the fight, he still wins.
  • Kristin's drink pairing for Lando.
    • Lando=>Billy Dee=>Colt 45.
  • Support the Show in all the usual places. It makes the guys feel good and like they're doing something worthwhile.

Meta Minute

  • 17:56 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: ad for Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition. Chiptwick is back. Shout outs to Josh Flanagan, Paul Rust, and Paul Scheer.
  • Billy Dee was the brand ambassador for Colt 45 from 1986–1991. He returned as their official spokesman in 2016 [1].


  • Ella: You [Pete] said "doody" *snickers*
  • Pete Analyze, scrutinize, and talk to our wives...
  • Pete: (as the Emperor) Ani why didn't you tell me about a conflict?
  • Alex: I like this subtext stuff!
  • Pete: Why does the Emperor have a catwalk in his office? Alex: [...] to sashay down of course. Ella: You don't have a catwalk in your office? Pete: Not yet.
  • Alex: Butt-sabering.
  • Alex: (as Sheev) Good! I always hated that catwalk. Now I have an excuse to build a new one!
  • Pete: Hopefully not pictures of Billy Dee Williams hocking up Colt 45. Ella: Please don't send us pictures of that.


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