Jedi Minute 126: The Cartwheeling Ewok

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Celebrate! by Teebo & the Gang, featuring the hit song "Ewok Celebration".


June 29th, 2015


Rebels and Ewoks rejoice in the warm glow of firelight, drums beating, singing, dancing, and laughing in the communal language of victory and liberation.


David Hahn



  • Starts with the opening of the Ewok celebration song, and ends a minute later with Luke staring off into the distance, never his mind on where he was; what he was doing.
  • The denouement.
  • 'Vest-on-vest' action.
  • Score is a little out of sync with the helmet percussion.
  • No dialog.
  • This scene was filmed on day 8 of shooting.
    • Funeral pyre was in the woods of Northern California (not far from the Lucasfilm Ranch), but everything else was on the sound stage.
  • Denis Lawson was there at special request by George Lucas.


  • Ewok Celebration song (Yub Nub) (non-Special Edition).
  • Why are the Ewoks celebrating? It seems like they were doing alright before the Rebels came.
    • "Freedom".
  • Attitudes toward the Ewoks. David hates them.
  • Man-eating Ewoks.
  • Small creatures (Oompa Loompas, Ewoks, etc.) doing cartwheels.
Oompa cartwheel.gif
  • Meco's rap version (skip to 1:17) of the Ewok Celebration song.
  • Dancing
    • C-3PO dances like a dad at his daughter's wedding. He does a much more skillfull soft shoe on the Muppet Show.
    • Lando teaching Chewie to dance.
    • Wedge carrying his helmet so he doesn't have to dance.
  • Did the whole fleet come down to party? The effect on the local ecology after the Rebels leave.
  • Clean/new outfits.
  • All the pilots are X-wing pilots. Satellite parties.
  • Wedge's kill-count.
  • Nicki the Ewok.
    • Played by Nicki Reade.
  • The Ewoks keeping the captured Imperials to fatten them up. Mentioned: Apocalypse Now.
  • Joseph Williams is like "Sebastian Shaw's eyebrows" in that all of his work has since been erased in subsequent special editions.
  • This is the first time Luke and Leia have seen each other since the bridge scene; he didn't tell her he was going off to burn their dead father.
  • What is actually being burned.
    • Darth Vader scarecrow.
  • How the acting is affected by the fact that this was one of the earlier scenes shot.
  • Nien Nunb was number nine on the callsheet.
  • David will be back tomorrow.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 32:12 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call: since they never actually say the word 'Ewok' in the movie, what should their proper name be in the new Canon? Short hairy Endorian bears ("Shebs" for short).
  • David is the final regular guest of the season. At the top of the show, Alex said he would have the whole 5-episode week but that later turns out not to be the case.
  • The discussion of "freedom" is likely in reference to the US military's Operation Iraqi Freedom and the marketing aimed at garnering support for the war effort.
  • The "club version" of Meco's Ewok celebration song plays as the closing theme to the end of this season.
  • Both Nicki the Ewok and the actor portraying him are male. Nicki (Nicky) is short for Nicholas.


  • Pete: Have a beer! Here's a bear!
  • Pete: (as Leia) So how did it go with Dad? (as Luke) Oh yeah. See that fire that I just made? That's Dad.


Ewok cartwheels for one hour

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