Jedi Minute 22: Crumbling Down

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February 3rd, 2015


The shadowy figure lets out a crazy yell and races toward Han, lifting him off the ground with a big hug that carries them into the light, revealing Chewie.


Dan Telfer



  • Starts with Han and Chewie re-united in the dungeon.
  • Ends with a mysterious dark silhouette entering Jabba's Palace through the front door.
  • First appearance of Luke (soon to be revealed) in the film.


  • Chewbacca should have given Han a 90-minute update on what's been going on.
  • There is a lot of humidity in the dungeon.
  • Chewbacca's mask definitely changes across the three Original Trilogy movies. It looks very wrong in this sequence.
  • Maybe Chewbacca gets his hair cut in different styles in the Star Wars universe. This must be a style that he doesn't like.
  • Han and Chewbacca are re-united and Chewbacca is excited; more great acting by Peter Mayhew.
  • What it would be like if your dog had arms.
  • How long have they been apart and how is Luke a Jedi already?
  • There are a lot of people in the palace to assist with the rescue and this would have taken a while to set-up.
  • Staff turnover in Jabba's Palace.
  • Luke just appointed himself as a Jedi and everyone just humored him.
  • Did Luke have to talk to the door droid as well? Is the security at the palace strong or weak?
  • How the door works. Maybe Luke just lifted the door with The Force.
  • The book Tales from Jabba's Palace and some of the weird creatures that are described in the book.
  • What time of the day is this happening?
  • Salacious Crumb's backstory from Tales from Jabba's Palace.
  • Dan (and his parents) created a whole back-story for Salacious Crumb which was very different to the one told in the book. This backstory informed much of his world view as an adult.
  • Han has a wavering voice; Harrison Ford really chews the dialogue, scenery and acting.
  • What Harrison Ford must have thought of this sequence.
 Dan's Star Wars memories:
 He saw it with his uncle in a mall movie theater in Chicago.
 They went to McDonald's first and he got a Happy Meal toy to play with if the movie got too scary.
 The toy was Duplo. This must be why he is scared of Salacious Crumb taking his Lego.
 Dan loved the movie straight-away.
 He and his parents already had Star Wars toys in the house before the movie was released, including Play Dough moulds.
 Pete would use these molds to create characters that he was missing when playing Star Wars.
 Dan also loves the door / gate visual at Jabba's Palace.
  • The door scene was changed in one of the Special Editions. The tragedy that is the Special Editions.
  • What the door is used for in normal circumstances. Walking the rancor?

Meta Minute

  • 19:03 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read
  • "Delusions of grandeur" is not said in the Prequels. It is only uttered in episodes V & VI.


  • Dan: (As the Director) Act sick. (As Harrison Ford) Oh, I'll act sick! Alex: Sick of being in Star Wars movies.


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