Jedi Minute 25: Chubby Toddlers

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Yeah the puppet looked better. Good call on that one


February 6th, 2015


The floor suddenly drops away, sending Luke and the hapless guard into the pit.


Dan Telfer



  • Starts with Luke warning Jabba that he can either profit from, or be destroyed by, this deal.
  • Ends with a door opening to reveal the mighty Rancor .


  • Jabba should have pushed the trap-door button while Luke was mid-sentence.
  • It takes a long time for the gun that Luke grabs to fire.
  • The gun is being held in a leather holster with a snap fastener.
  • Why Luke didn't bring his own weapon/s with him:
    • He wanted to be unarmed and reach a diplomatic solution with Jabba.
    • He remembered Yoda and the cave and didn't want to rely on any weapons.
  • Luke is very aggressive when he chokes the guards but no-one is there to see it.
  • The Gamorrean guard costume and acting look very fake and takes you out of the movie. Alex proposes that, in the movie, they are actually other characters wearing pig costumes – and are therefore supposed to look fake.
  • The Gamorrean guards move like chubby toddlers.
  • The Ewoks look similarly fake later in the movie.
  • Luke takes the gun from Nizuc Bek.
  • C-3PO warns Luke about the trap-door and Luke doesn't react in any way.
  • Now what's the plan? Just shoot Jabba; hold Jabba hostage while they escape; something else?
  • Luke should have killed Jabba and taken over his crime syndicate.
  • Dengar is seen in the background (in the long camera shots). The worst dressed of all the bounty hunters.
  • Luke knows how to speak Huttese, as does his father Anakin.
  • As they slide down the chute into the Rancor pit the audience gets a good look at the mechanics of the pit. The trap-door is separate to the "viewing grate" that Jabba looks through when his platform slides forward.
  • The Kenner toy Jabba Palace playset was completely different to this and so this made it all very confusing.
  • The play-set is actually more horrifying than the setup in the movie.
  • C-3PO provides exposition about the Rancor and Lando checks in with Princess Leia at entirely the wrong moment.
  • The Rancor is another great puppet / creature in the movie. Although some of the green screen composite shots are a bit "iffy" – and most of these weren't fixed in the Special Editions.
  • The tests done for this scene of a guy wearing a Rancor suit do not work.
  • The Rancor eating the Gamorrean guard is a case of a good effect eating a bad effect.
  • What is Jabba saying as Luke falls down into the Rancor pit? Zeedee Jedi, but no-one knows what this means.
  • Luke's black robes are good but would have made more sense if it was teased that Luke was going to the Dark Side. Did the audience ever think that Luke was going to the Dark Side?
  • Where did Luke get his new threads?
    • The black robes don't have many pockets compared to his Bespin fatigues.
    • The tailor droid that made Luke's clothes.
    • Many droids have weird jobs in the Star Wars universe.
    • The jobs that people have.
    • Would you want a robot delivering your baby? Only of they got it right almost 100% of the time. Mentioned: Patton Oswald; The Flintstones.
  • Jabba is dropping the rhymes - "Jedi" and "you die".
  • Dan recommends the Return of the Jedi behind the scenes documentary.
  • Huttese as a language that needs to be revived. The next podcast episode will be done in all Huttese.
  • Dan calls Jar Jar Binks the single greatest creation in all of modern story-telling on his album "Tendrils of Ruin" - get it and have a listen.
  • Thanks to Dan for the week; follow him on Twitter - @dantelfer.
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Meta Minute

  • 29:22 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - The caller was four years old when he saw the movie with his Aunt. When the Rancor monster came out his Aunt thought it was too scary so she pushed him down in his theater seat so that he couldn't see the screen. As a result, he didn't know what the Rancor looked like until he got the toy.


  • Pete: (As C-3PO) Oh-no, the Rancor!


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