Jedi Minute 24: Not Even Once

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February 5th, 2015


Luke stares hard at Jabba.


Dan Telfer



  • Starts with Bib Fortuna waking Jabba to announce Luke.
  • Ends with Luke giving Jabba an ultimatum.
  • Jabba coins the term "Jedi Mind Trick" and reveals that only certain races are prone to being affected by it.
  • The only time Luke uses the Jedi Mind Trick.


  • Is Bib Fortuna's skin oily or dry? Probably both.
  • Is Bib Fortuna from an aquatic race?
  • Bib Fortuna wakes up Jabba and there is some very good puppetry going on in this scene.
  • Jabba as a huge puppet and how it worked and was operated.
  • Jabba the Hutt cosplay.
  • Mentioned: Al Pacino.
  • Killing off Jabba and all the other aliens and bounty hunters was a big mistake by the movie makers.
  • The Rebels getting into an uneasy alliance with Jabba at some point in the future.
  • The fate of Salacious Crumb.
  • Who can resist the "Jedi Mind Trick".
    • Toydarians and their ability to resist The Force.
    • Pete raise his question on whether Force choking is a kinetic thing or a telepathic thing. Are you making them think that they're choking or are you actually physically squeezing their wind-pipe?
  • The Original Trilogy versus the Prequels.
  • Bib Fortuna factoids:
    • Served Jabba from 32 years prior to the Battle of Yavin.
    • He survived the sail barge explosion but his brain was removed by the B'omarr monks at Jabba's Palace and placed into one of the spider-like droid walkers.
  • If Bib Fortuna is so trusted then why is he so weird all the time?
  • Bib Fortuna is played by two actors - one physically and one for the voice. The voice actor also performed Admiral Ackbar's voice.
  • Bib Fortuna is weak-minded according to Jabba but is second in charge of Jabba's crime syndicate - this doesn't really make sense, although Jabba's reign is in decline at this point.
  • Where Jabba fits with the other crime families in the Star Wars universe.
  • How Luke got past the door and what would have happened if Bib Fortuna said no to Luke seeing Jabba.
  • Awesome acting from Mark Hamill in this sequence.
  • Luke says "you can profit from this or be destroyed". How is Jabba going to profit by letting Han and Chewbacca go? By keeping Leia, Lando and the droids?
  • Maybe Luke is presenting a deal that he knows Jabba will reject so that Luke can progress the plan - whatever the plan is.
  • C-3PO may just be a sacrifice for the plan to work. The heroes may secretly be hoping that C-3PO doesn't make it through.
  • Leia and Lando were planning to get everyone out by themselves and Luke was just the back-up plan. The hosts discuss what the plan was again.
  • An Ishi Tib is in the background. This is actually the name of the species not the character. The character's name is Shasha Tiel.
  • Luke asks for Captain Solo and "the Wookiee" - is the term "the Wookiee" politically correct? Jabba knows that the Wookiee's name is Chewbacca so why not say that?
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Meta Minute

  • 25:42 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read -
  • Hypernatremia (salt overdose) can cause sodium buildup in the skin. The skin is therefore an important organ for blood pressure control[1].
  • After the closing theme - outtakes from the ad-read and intro.


  • Alex: One man's voyage to become Jabba the Hutt.
  • Alex: Yeah, can you Force choke a Toydarian? Dan: GREAT question. *Laughs*
  • Pete: That's the question - is-she tib?


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