Jedi Minute 67: More Arch

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April 7th, 2015


Vader enters the eerie, foreboding throne room.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Starts with the Emperor telling Vader he told him to wait on the command ship, and ends with Vader saying "As you wish."
  • An entire minute in the Emperor's throne room, starting and ending with the exact same image.


  • Referenced: The Princess Bride.
  • What is the Emperor looking at? Is this his version of Vader's egg?
    • The (terrible) concept of 'Battle Meditation' as an explanation for why the Empire lost the rebellion after the death of the Emperor.
    • Pete's theory that the Force doesn't exist.
      • Referenced: the life day gift Itchy got in the Holiday Special.
      • Maybe that's why Jerjerrod wanted to keep Vader from seeing the Emperor.
  • Pete elaborates on his theory.
  • Vader plotting with Luke to overthrow the Emperor.
  • Why do Sith even have apprentices if they always betray each other? Dooku is the only one who is helpful to his master's plans. Dooku delivers.
    • The Rule of Two. Why not have millions of Sith running around, like the Mob?
    • An evil opposite of the Jedi.
  • Yoda predicts great doom if Luke leaves, and things turn out fine in the end. But then again, if Luke had stayed, not much would be different either.
    • The Jedi are terrible at seeing the future.
  • What is the Emperor talking about? A Sanctuary moon? (Note: see below)
  • The urge to top the previous movies. The Emperor is scarier than Darth Vader.
  • Palpatine's condescending jerkiness.
  • Ian McDiarmid was doing a scene with fellow British actor Michael Pennington, who did not recognize him under all the makeup.
    • Referenced: Emperor Ming from Flash Gordon.
  • Palpatine really wants Vader out of his hair. Imagine having to spend hours upon hours with Anakin Skywalker and how irritating he can be.
  • Emperors auditioning to be Palpatine.
  • Jedi telepathy?
  • What is Vader's official role on the Imperial org chart? Where do Moffs and Grand Moffs fit in?
  • Asterios will be back tomorrow.
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Meta Minute

  • 24:27 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Andy in L. A. He was too young to grasp the character of the Emperor, but noticed his yellowy eyes. When he asked his father, he told him Palpatine's name was "Wee-wee Eyes".
  • In the Disney cartoon "Star Wars Rebels", our heroes encounter Imperial Inquisitors, Force-sensitive agents tasked with hunting down any remaining Jedi following Order 66. This is the closest Star Wars has come to Asterios' Mafia analogy.
  • Alex paraphrases Baudelaire's famous quote about the finest trick of the devil.
  • Again, Asterios is oddly prescient about Episode VII featuring a giant space cannon. Did he have the script ahead of time?
  • According to Legends, Endor was set aside as a protected nature preserve during the Galactic Republic, prior to the birth of the Empire.
  • "Arch" when referring to a character in fiction is short for "archetype".
  • Wookieepedia has no records of any Grand Moffs between Star Wars and Jedi.


  • Alex and then Asterios: ...groks on the Force.
  • Pete: Dyan Can[n]on? She's "Dyan 'Legends'" now.


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