Jedi Minute 66: A Very Sassy Time

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April 6th, 2015


As they move into the foliage, Wicket takes the lead.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Starts with Leia blasting some speeder bikers, and ends with the Emperor chastising Vader for not waiting in the car.
  • The denouement of the speeder bike chase.
  • More Ewok dialog: "hatcha!" (spicy!) and another "yub yub".
  • Cut scene: Darth Vader goes to talk to the Emperor and is stopped by Jerjerrod.
  • Shot of the Death Star II at a jaunty angle.
  • First appearance (release order) of the Emperor's throne.


  • Asterios is more discerning in his consumption of media these days.
  • For a lot of current nerds, ROTJ is the first Star Wars movie they saw, so they are most attached to it.
  • Kids today being into the Prequels. Pro Jar Jar backlash.
  • Referenced: This is Madness.
  • Princess Leia is considered one of the strongest female characters in sci-fi, but does she actually do that much in the movies?
    • Referenced: "Don't Go Breaking my Heart".
    • She did kill Jabba the Hutt.
    • None of the other characters in this movie do a whole lot either.
    • Consider Leia in the context of her time; there were so few women in science fiction at that time. It was revolutionary that she was a princess yet she was sassy. Now, everything is sassy. It's a very sassy time we live in.
  • Ewok fact of the day: Ewok jerky (jerky made out of Ewoks).
    • How sentient can an animal be before eating it becomes creepy? Pete says it's hypocritical to eat some animals but not others. We have to assume that Pete would also eat (or has already eaten) humans.
  • Carrie Fisher lifts up Warwick Davis. Not bad!
  • Mentioned: the Happy Tree Friends.
  • Leia and Ewok head off into the woods. Where was Leia planning on going/what was she planning to do?
  • Standard Rebel equipment when they go on missions. Somebody's grandma must have been the quartermaster.
  • Which scenes get cut, and which get added back into Special Editions or on the Blu-ray.
  • Vader getting back at his no-good boss.
  • Vader doesn't do a lot of villainy in ROTJ.
  • TIE interceptors vs. standard TIE fighters and bombers.
    • TIE fighter and Imperial shuttle toy talk.
  • Flash forward: the Emperor's throne is very similar to the one in ROTS.
  • Minute 66 of Empire was Luke's failure at the cave, minute 66 of Star Wars: Pol Treidum.
    • Wicket is the Pol Treidum of Return of the Jedi.
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Meta Minute

  • 29:54 podcast episode length.
  • Beginning in 2016, listener Michael W. posted his own yearly SWM Bracket[t] to the SWMLS, available here.
  • General Rieekan's first name is 'Carlist', which was brought up on the SWM Wives episode. I guess you could shorten it to 'Carl' if you wanted to.
  • Pete will later go back on his decision about eating smart animals; as stated on SWM:WE, he no longer eats cephalopods.
  • Kylo Ren does something very similar to what Asterios describes in Episode VII. How prescient of you!
  • The TIE (IN) Interceptor and its predecessor the standard TIE (LN) fighter were manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.
  • The question of which _-wing (F-wing, H-wing, etc.) the hosts would like to see in future movies was asked and answered on Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 117.


  • Alex: (as the Emperor) Execute minute 66.
  • Asterios:...I mean 'bad' in the Michael Jackson sense, in that it's great! Pete: That Wicket is one bad mother— Asterios: <talking over Pete> —to hate. I hate them. Alex: [...] I'm getting whiplash... Asterios: [...] hate how much I love them! Alex: And you love how much you hate them.
  • Asterios: (as Admiral Ackbar) ♪Don't go breaking my heart!♪ (as Mon Mothma) ♪Many Bothans di-hiiied♪.
  • Alex: (as Luke) <whining> Come onnn! Turn good!
  • Pete: Well, back at the old Horse and Dolphin I used to put away...
  • Pete: I would eat Dexter Jettster.
  • Asterios: (as 'fitness Bro' Leia) Yuuub. Yuuuuuub. Oh spot me bro, spot me! (as fitness bro #2) One more! You've got one more Warwick Davis press in you!
  • Asterios: They put, like, under-aged kids in these super hot teddy bear costumes out in the woods?! Had them hang out with drug addicts? What a nightmare!
  • Asterios: Thanks for the throat massage.
  • Pete: I remember back in '64 I got a cookie.


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