Star Wars Minute 27: Blast!

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July 9th, 2013.


Minute 27: R2-D2 goes missing. Luke asks C-3PO where he is and then looks for him in the distance.


Josh Flanagan



  • C-3PO appears very scared and fearful of Luke, and quite startled when Luke buzzes him.


  • Is C-3PO's fear of humans learned behaviour or part of his programming? Perhaps the buzzer on him actually provides a small electric shock.
  • C-3PO says to Luke "that R2 unit has always been a problem" less than 5 hours after recommending that Luke buys R2-D2.
  • C-3PO doesn't take any action when R2-D2 runs away (apart from hiding) but then immediately sells him out when Luke appears.
  • C-3PO is definitely programmed to lie.
  • Do droids develop their own personalities or is this also programmed? (see quote below).
  • EU has indicated that most people like to erase their droid's memory at regular intervals.
  • Treadwell re-appears in the background. Is he like a Roomba vacuum cleaner just stuck in that room - banging against the walls?
  • There is another droid in the background that looks like a lantern on wheels. How useful is that droid for anything? This droid is soon to be replaced.
  • Luke's terrible macro-binoculars. No resolution, focus, zoom, magnification etc.
  • Luke saying "Blast!" like the dork he is (e.g. he plays with toys in his garage).
  • Luke's age in the movie. Appears to range from 17 to 25 (based on Mark Hamill's age).
  • Owen grizzled and cranky again.
  • In the drinking game whereby you drink every time someone says "Luke" the last couple of minutes would have been tough.


  • Pete: In regards to droids having personalities - "...they might just be, basically, highly advanced parrots..."
  • Josh: "I don't want my iPad to be anxious."
  • Pete: In regards to Luke's view through the terrible binoculars "It's like watching things on an old TV. Luke: I'm looking at the backyard and it looks kind of like The Honeymooners."
  • Pete: In regards to Luke's general dorkiness "He's one of us is what you're saying."


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