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There are two drinking games discussed concurrently in SWM.

"I'll have one of those"

The Movies

  • SWM 63: The Star Wars drinking game is mentioned.

Drink when:

  • SWM 27: Someone says "Luke".
  • SWM 47: A limb gets cut off.
  • ESB 79: The number 327 is used.
  • ESB 61: Luke swings on a rope.
  • ESB 61: A character is inside an animal.

The Podcast

Drink when someone says:

500th Article Extravaganza

Also drink every time:

  • Alex repeats, with careful enunciation, information which Pete has just provided.
  • "Long time", "too old", or "94" gets mentioned and repeated.
  • Alex does his Alec Guinness impression.
  • Someone says "Wrong show".

Potential and unofficial additions to the game (i.e. they have not been specifically added to the game by the hosts on the podcast):

Drink when someone says:

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