Star Wars Minute 46: You'll Be Dead!

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August 5th, 2013


Luke gets into a scuffle.


Tony Consiglio



  • Introduction of Ponda Baba ("Walrus Man") and Dr. Evazan.
  • Hammerhead (an Ithorian) .
  • The arguing Duros:
    • Aliases "Baniss Keeg" and "Ellors Madak".
    • "Real" names Ohwun and Chachi De Maal ('De Maal' mispronounced by Pete).
    • Married, own docking bay 94.
  • The skirmish and Dr. Evazan's iconic dialogue.


  • Hammerhead action figure was cool but like many Kenner figures it was different than the movie.
  • Kenner wasn't all that concerned with staying true to the film.
  • Discussion on many of the creatures.
  • Is this a bar or a coffee shop? Tony thinks it's clearly a coffee shop.
  • Luke is definitely out of his depth in the cantina (e.g. he tugs the bartender's shirt; "I'll have one of those"). Although he does know when to hit the floor in a fight.
  • The cantina is owned by a Wookiee named Chalmun. Did he introduce the "no droids' rule and, if so, why?
  • Tony used to confuse Dr. Evazan and Snaggletooth when he was a kid.
  • How Dr. Evazan should have introduced himself ("I'm a Doctor in 12 systems").
  • How has Evazan accrued 12 death sentences? Convicted in absentia?
  • What Walrus Man says to Luke.
  • Star Wars figurine toys.
  • This podcast episode is the origin of the You'll be Dead Running Joke by Tony.
  • Teaser for Tony's infamous "Millennium Falcon story".
  • Debate over the debut appearance of Chewbacca in the movie.

Meta Minute

  • 15:36 podcast episode length.
  • Tony is the first returning guest commentator.
  • Alex refers to the "Principle of Priority" which is one of the guiding principles of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.
  • Alex and Pete will meet a Kenner Hammerhead cosplayer at Star Wars Celebration (See SWM:WE 2).
  • Although there is some debate over who invented the flavor of Rocky Road, the name was coined by Dreyer and Edy in 1929.
  • This minute begins a run of minutes in which Alex can't pronounce, or simply can't remember, Dr. Evazan's name. At one point he says something like "Dr. Hazannn— (trails off...)".
  • There's a reason that Tony was confused between Dr. Evazan and Snaggletooth as a kid. For some reason Kenner sold Walrus man and Snaggletooth together instead of Walrus man and Dr. Evazan. Combined with the lack of detail on the figures, it's an easy mistake to make.


  • Tony: And I'm Tony Consiglio, the inventor of Rocky Road ice cream.
  • Alex: It's a very 'saunter-heavy' minute.
  • Pete: All you hand fetishists out there - you're gonna love Minute 47.
  • Alex: [singing]: "Everybody saunter!" (to the tune of "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)")
  • Alex: So, Dr. Whats-his-face. Tony: I thought he was Dr. What-is-his-name.
  • Tony: YOU'LL BE DEAD!


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