Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 90

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Tony Consiglio is back to sing us a Christmas carol.


Dec 24, 2016




Tony Consiglio


  • Last week: Crystal Beth
  • Movies by Minutes podcasts
  • Next week: Kelly Anneken
  • A Christmas Carol references throughout the episode
  • Packages from listeners!
    • One from Timmy bricks, the official Lego correspondent
    • Package 2: Calendars from Brent and 2 Presto Magix transfer kits
    • Package 3: A box of stuff from Tim
  • Alex got two Star Wars presents from Kristen
  • Tony bought the Rogue One Visual Dictionary
  • Rogue one
    • Alex liked it just as much second time, Pete liked it more second time
    • Tony yelled "You'll be dead!" at the screen when Dr Evazan and Pondo Baba came on
    • Favourite scenes
    • How did you see it? 3D, Imax, or 2D?
    • K-2SO, his eyes and his death
    • Should robots look like humans?
    • Darth Vader
    • Where it ranks
    • Does it change Star wars?
  • Tony's Christmas carol


  • Tony: "I could not get Grand Moff Tarkin's mouth out of my mind"
  • Tony: "Grand Moff Talkin" Pete: "That's my Star Wars after-show"
  • Alex: "Hey look, I'm Darth Vader, you wait for me, you're on my schedule, pal."
  • Pete: "Force-preventing badgers"

Jek Porkins Memorial Trilogy

Which Star wars character would you like to have Christmas dinner with?
  • Hammerhead
  • Obi-Wan
  • Lobot

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