Star Wars Minute 79: The Fourth Wall

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September 19th, 2013


Luke is pulled back into the muck by the slimy tentacle.


Joe Mazel



  • Starts with Luke being pulled down underwater by a tentacled monster and ends with Luke being released by said tentacled monster.


  • Holding your breathe for the whole time that Luke is underwater (i.e. less than a minute).
  • Han shooting at the tentacled monster - the Dianoga. Where do those blasts go given the comments and actions in the previous minute whereby laser bolts ricochet around the magnetically / vacuum sealed trash compactor?
  • Luke takes charge and commands Han to shoot the Dianoga. "Anywhere."
  • What Han says after being commanded to shoot the Dianoga at around the 15 second mark. (Note - Star Wars second?)
  • The trash compactor is very clearly a simple three-walled set. What's on the other side? The fourth wall is quickly seen later in this minute and in another minute - its basically the same as the other walls.
  • Referenced: The Honeymooners.
  • The must be skeletons in the trash compactor somewhere.
  • The ecology of the Dianoga is discussed. It usually lives in swamps and lakes and probably got on to The Death Star as someone's pet (maybe Pol Triedum's) or during construction
  • Referenced: Mynocks.
  • More Pol Treidum chat.
  • What happens if Luke dies at the 'hands' of the Dianoga?
  • Chewbacca just keeps pounding on the door for this entire scene - like a scared dog. Or maybe he's really trying to work out the door and how it works.
  • How and when the Dianoga was named. It was very early on in the script.
  • Luke's second fall, and acting with the Dianoga, is not very good. The first time he was pulled down was much better.
  • Referenced: Bride of the Monster.

Meta Minute

  • 14:29 podcast episode length.
  • Pete conveys Mark Hamill's story about shooting this scene. George Lucas and the cast being unhappy because its quite unpleasant and difficult. Hamill saw a blob of garbage on his Stormtrooper costume, so he wiped it off, took it over to Lucas and sang - to the tune of Chattanooga choo choo - "Pardon me George, could this be Dianoga poo poo" in response to which Lucas simply kicked Hamill back into the water.
  • What Alex misheard was probably Luke's line "My gun's jammed".


  • Joe: You really like Pol Treidum. In case you didn't realize this from mentioning Pol Treidum more times than anyone has ever mentioned Pol Treidum ever.
  • Joe: They'd be dead! (With a call out to Tony Consiglio.)
  • Alex: Didn't see that coming, did you 'Force Boy'!
  • Pete: During the sign-off - "The Death Star Wars Minute".


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