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AKA SWMLS (pronounced "swimmels" or "swim-ulls"), the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society is a Facebook group for fans of the show to discuss anything SWM-related (and, indeed, anything Star Wars-related). It is a safe space to express appreciation of and/or poke gentle fun at our favorite podcast, its hosts and guests, and the franchise that makes it all possible. The group is technically "closed" (i.e. you have to request to join), but the moderators essentially always grant requests and only very sparingly use the ban hammer. The group was first mentioned by the hosts in SWM:WE 24.

For those not on Facebook, there is an old-school message board (first mentioned during SWM:WE 237) where you can have civil and engaging discussions on an array of topics without the added baggage of corporate interference.

The "swim" in the name of the group:


Facebook group
Message board

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