Empire Minute 112: Sliding to His Manhood

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June 17th, 2014


The live Father's Day special, pt II. Unable to hang onto the pipe, Luke tumbles out, emerging at the undermost part of Cloud City. Reaching out desperately, he manages to grab onto on electronic weather vane.


Sean Hutchinson and Meredith Woerner



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  • Follows up the crazy revelation with a lot of falling.
  • Starts with Luke considering his options and ends with Luke instantly regretting his choice as he plummets in a never-ending series of tubes and trap-doors.
  • In some editions of the film, Luke lets out a bloodcurdling scream as he falls into the exhaust port which was likened to the scream from the game Impossible Mission.


  • Recorded live at the Parkside Lounge, NYC.
  • Does Luke regret his decision to jump off?
  • Why does he get sucked into the side tube? Cloud City has a strange layout and the tubes are very well lit.
  • Luke should have just held on and waited for Vader to leave.
  • Vader looks deflated after Luke jumps. He should have jumped after him.
  • Bad messages sent to kids by this whole sequence.
  • Luke basically does the same thing that Obi-Wan does against Vader (i.e. gives up).
  • The shooting script says that Luke gets sucked into an exhaust pipe—but exhaust does not suck
  • Lobot activating all the different trap-doors in the tubes in Cloud City.
  • This is when Luke becomes emo-Luke that we see in Return of the Jedi.
  • What Luke does between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
  • This scene emphasises how dark The Empire Strikes Back is.
  • The fall does not look very real in the movie - and he falls sideways.
  • Impressive background matte paintings in this falling sequence.
  • The role of the tubes on Cloud City and various design aspects of Cloud City.
  • This sequence is perfect to base a themed waterslide on.
  • What is the other thing that falls next to Luke? His hand; his wallet and keys.

  • Luuke Skywalker, the clone.
  • Referenced: The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980).
  • The surface of Bespin is covered with all sorts of stuff thrown from Cloud City.
  • Luke is not at the very bottom of Cloud City; he is just hanging on someone's TV antenna. He definitely should have fallen to the very end of the long stick and ball at the bottom of Cloud City.
  • Luke is made up to look like a Pound Puppy in this scene - what with his black eyes.
  • It would have been good to see Luke slowly climbing back up the tube.
  • Where Darth Vader goes immediately after Luke falls.
  • Back on the gantry, Luke's face quickly went from completely upset to very serene. This is:
    • When he goes from resisting to accepting.
    • A step in becoming a Jedi.
    • When he becomes a man.
    • He is basically sliding to his manhood.
  • Sean fails to have an amazing story about the first time he saw the movie.
 Sean's Star Wars memories:
 Bonded with a friend who was a huge Star Wars fan.
 Sean's friend asked him to prove his fandom by naming the number of the trash compactor in A New Hope.
 Sean said "3263827, obviously". His friend was then convinced.
 Sean then names the Bounty Hunters in the famous scene of The Empire Strikes Back.
 (Vader invited the other Bounty Hunters for show - he was ALWAYS going to pick Boba Fett.)
 Sean used to watch the Star Wars VHS tapes at his Aunt's house.
 Sean saw the special editions in the theater and didn't really like them.
 Pete and Alex did not want to spend a week talking about "Jedi Rocks".

Meta Minute

  • Between Minute 111 and Minute 112 there is Star Wars Minute Programming Note.
  • 26:25 podcast episode length.
  • As a gas giant, Bespin has no "surface"[1], at least not in the sense that we would understand. It's core is metallic, but the pressure would be enough to instantly crush whatever fell down there.
  • Sean misses out on a couple of Bounty Hunters, namely Bossk and Zuckuss.
  • Pete and Alex plug their promotional material available after the show.


  • Sean: <As Vader after Luke jumps> I cannot kill a Jedi.
  • Pete: <As a 40's gangster> Ok, see, Lando said to evacuate.
  • Meredith: There should be a tumblr. Alex: Well, Luke tumbles - so there you go. Audience: <Gentle booing.>



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