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Formally the Senior Reporter at io9 (where it was her job to quiz Harrison Ford about the differences between shooting aliens with a blaster versus an Old West shotgun), Meredith is now editor at the L.A. Times' Hero Complex pop culture news. She was introduced to A & P through their mutual friend Chris Radtke.

Rank the Star Wars Movies

4, 5, 6, the Ewok movies, 3, 1, the holiday special, 2 (ROTJ 113)

4, 5, 6, R1, 7, 1, 2, 3, but 1 and 3 switch sometimes (AOTC 75).

Phantom Menace Number

Only 1

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Total Airtime
11 hours, 54 minutes, 14 seconds
Average Episode Length
27 minutes, 28 seconds
Longest Episode
Rogue One Minute 10: Tivik (35 minutes, 31 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Jedi Minute 114: Do You Validate? (20 minutes, 45 seconds)

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