Empire Minute 12: Asian Sea Otter

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January 28th, 2014


Princess Leia stands inside the dark entrance to the Rebel base, waiting for a sign of the two Rebel heroes.


Josh Flanagan




  • John Ratzenberger was in Superman II
  • Bookends of incapacitated main characters for this movie
  • Stop motion vs. puppetry vs. suits
  • Tauntauns are revealed to be Hoth natives
  • Sound made by Tauntauns discussed
  • Tauntaun toy talk
  • Human moments - improvised on set?
  • Mentioned: The Office, Spoilers, the Brackett draft

Meta Minute

  • 25:24 podcast episode length.
  • Alex correctly supposed that Episode VII would contain multiple cameos from well-known actors
  • Josh references the number of parsecs that the Falcon competed the {{{2}}} as less than 12, rather than 14. Later, in The Force Awakens, Rey would incorrectly state that the route was completed in 14 parsecs. Very prescient of you, Josh!
  • There is only one extant species of sea otter (Enhydra lutris). The Asian sea otter is a subspecies (E. l. lutris) that is also known as the Common sea otter, the Commander sea otter, or the Kuril sea otter. Although they normally vocalize using whistles or shrieks, they can make a noise that sounds a lot like the tauntauns.


  • Josh: "I THINK HE'S DEAD"
  • Pete: "Everybody do the Hutch-Dutch schism"



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