Empire Minute 120: Toys Wrapped in Tragedy

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June 27th, 2014


Luke looks down at his hand. A metalized type of bandage has been wrapped around his wrist. The medical droid makes some adjustments in a tiny electronic unit, then pricks each one of Luke's fingers.


Skottie Young



  • Two-hour mark
  • Last dialogue, last full minute prior to the credits.
  • Starts with Luke telling Lando to take care; ends with the Falcon taking off and flying toward a galaxy.
  • Leia's sixth outfit (fourth for this movie).
  • Last whiny Luke for the movie.
  • FX-7? Or another FX model?
  • Luke's "May the Force be with you"—only time this is said in this film.


  • The galaxy appears quite close (Note: see Attack of the Clones Minute 34: None of Us Here#OK, time for some more math! for more on this)
  • The hosts speculate that it could also be a star being born or something that has just exploded (Alderaan?).
  • This is Alex's favorite Leia hairdo.
    • Referenced: Mrs. Garrett from "The Facts of Life".
  • How long has it been since they were on Cloud City (Long time)?
  • What is up with Lando wearing Han's clothes?
    • New theory: Lando and Han's false identities.
  • How common are Han(d) replacements in Star Wars? Is this the level of an appendectomy?
  • Luke's robot arm seems larger than the amount of hand that was actually cut off.
  • This "subtle sci-fi" moment. Star Wars is usually more fantasy than science fiction.
    • Compare and contrast with the Prequels (Sorry, Pete).
    • Anakin gets a Steam Punk hand.
  • If made today, Luke would have gotten a modular hand that could be replaced with a scanner or laser Gatling gun.
    • They could have attached the lightsaber right to his arm, like the Kenner toy.
  • This shows restraint on Lucas' part—he just gets a regular-looking hand.
  • The droids are just staring out the window, why?
  • 2-1B toy talk.
    • Skull imagery in Star Wars.
  • Referenced: Jack Chick tracts but for the Force.
  • What is Luke holding?
  • Kershner wanted to make sure to show that the robot hand could feel pain/had sensitivity.
 Skottie's Empire memories
  The tragic tales of his two favorite toys.
   He got his R2-D2 stuck in the "Dak seat" of his Snowspeeder.
   His Wampa's legs melted on the pot-bellied stove and he was heartbroken.
   BUT there was a happy ending: fans heard him mention the story on another podcast, and now people bring him brand new Wampa toys when they meet him at conventions.
   Pete helpfully mentions that he lost a wallet with $5 in it as a kid.

Meta Minute

  • 30:14 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: plug for the L.A. live show.
  • Finale of All-Star Week.
  • Alex envisioned a story where Walrus Man and Luke met in the physical therapy office with their robot hands.
  • Skottie repeatedly ends the show to go start various Star Wars-related businesses.
    • There is a line of toys from Tim Burton (huge surprise there) called "Tragic Toys".


  • Pete: ...we analyze, scrutinize, and finalize...
  • Pete: (as 2-1B) Well, we're going to have to take off more of your arm, sir.
  • Skottie: Hey real quick before we roll the credits, uh, give that dude his hand back. Put some robot stuff in there.
  • Alex: Gimme the "Balboa"!
  • Alex: (as C-3PO, paraphrasing Carl Sagan) Oh my! We're all star stuff.



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