Empire Minute 23: Vader's Egg

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February 12th, 2014


The dark cubicle is illuminated by a single shaft of light which falls on the brooding Dark Lord as he sits on a raised meditation cube.


Damon Ciarelli



  • Han barks orders at Treadwell.
  • Luke says goodbye to Han Solo.
  • Winterized flight suits.
  • Veers talks with Vader in his egg (first appearance).
    • There is an energy field surrounding the 6th planet of the Hoth system.


  • Comparing and contrasting this scene between Luke and Han in Empire vs. Star Wars.
  • Callback to minute 21: Luke is the executor.
  • Mentioned: spoilers
  • Shoutout to former guest of the show Josh Flanagan.
  • Even more back and forth about Systems.
    • How are planets and planetary systems named? Is it by distance to the sun or order of discovery? Or is it up to the marketing department to come up with a catchy name to get people to move there?
  • Referenced: Greg Brady (from the Brady Bunch) moving into the attic.
  • Some discussion of Vader's egg.
    • Is it a Jedi meditation chamber, or is there one for the captain of each star destroyer?
    • Or possibly an escape pod or blast-proof bunker.
  • Vader first cat went down with the Death Star. His second cat lived in his egg. Both were named "Tinkles"
  • Can't Han go pay off his debt to Jabba and come right back? Everybody acts like he's going away for good.
  • In The Brackett Draft Han is instead going to meet his rich step-father and ask his support for the Rebellion.
    • This makes us re-evaluate the character of Han Solo.
  • Referenced: The strategic defense initiative (SDI), nicknamed "Star Wars".

Meta Minute

  • 18:55 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: ad for StarWarsMinute.com/amazon
  • This minute is the origin of the SWM-Canon theory that the energy shield is shaped like an umbrella, so that although ships cannot bomb it from the sky, they can land outside the shield and then assault with ground troops from beneath it.
  • Pete appears to be quoting a line from the Naboo Movie, where Shmi and Anakin explain that they have bombs implanted in their bodies.
  • The hosts also discuss Darth Vader's filters in minute 99 of Star Wars.


  • Alex: So [Vader is] in a room, in an egg, in a suit of armor. He's like the most protected... most protected— Pete: What happened in his childhood that he's so insecure?
  • Damon: <pretty good Greedo impersonation>
  • Alex: I was on Hoth and I caught a bad S.D.I.



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