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These days, Damon makes a living as a programmer but not so long ago, he was an animator and had only limited knowledge of computers. The reason he became a programmer is....and I'm not lying about this even a bit... this really happened, and sorry, Pete, for mentioning the Prequels... but back in 1999, Damon was in the movie theatre watching The Phantom Menace for the first time. After being up for 3 days straight waiting on line for tickets, and during the first 5 minutes of the movie, before much had happened, and it still seemed like maybe, just maybe, it could actually be up to the expectations everyone had been building for 20 years. Well anyway, during the first five minutes of the movie, this was the first time we had ever gotten to see Jedi in their prime. They weren't old men or half machine or whiny farm boys... They kicked ass! And he thought, “hmmm, I wish there was a mystical energy field that bound our galaxy together and whose ways I could learn 'cause I want to be like them!” And it was obvious... The Internet. It surrounds us, it penetrates us... So Damon decided right then and there to quit his job as an animator and master the ways of computers and the internet.
Another decision he made during the first 5 minutes of The Phantom Menace is that cloaks are really cool and that he would start wearing them from then on!
Damon is the go-to guest when somebody in Star Wars is getting choked (e.g. SWM 39 and ESB 24).

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Empire Minute 24: The Choking Bit (21 minutes, 25 seconds)
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Star Wars Minute 63: Turn the Ship Around (12 minutes, 22 seconds)
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