Empire Minute 58: Flying Suction Cups

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April 2nd, 2014


Princess Leia sits in the pilot's seat. She runs her hand across the control panel as she thinks of Han and the confusion he has created within her. Suddenly, something outside the cockpit window catches her eye. The reflection of the panel lights obscures her vision until a soft suctionlike cup attaches itself to the windscreen.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Yoda warning Luke that he will be afraid; Han going out into the cave to see what the mysterious noisy creature sounds are.
  • TIE bombers are seen for the first time. This is the third type of TIE fighter that we've seen – classic, Vader-style, bomber.
  • Mynocks are seen for the first time.


  • The Imperials are just shooting asteroids. Tony would love this job and could do it for 8 hours a day. It may be like a video game – it gets harder and harder over time but you receive bonuses at regular intervals. Tony would also get regular breaks under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards - although the Empire doesn't respect these rules.
  • Yoda is very ominous. What's the deal with this given that fear is part of a bad Sith chain of emotions:
    • Yoda is scaring Luke one last time to try and make him quit.
    • Yoda is telling the future.
    • After this scene Yoda lunges at Luke's throat; keeps staring at Luke for a long time; starts quivering with anger.
  • Has Frank Oz ever punched anyone with a puppet on his hand?
  • How many Yoda Muppets were used in this movie? The hosts say at least three or always two there are.
  • Oz could operate a Yoda on each hand and:
    • Make them walk around.
    • Make them kiss.
    • Confuse everyone on set.
  • How much does Yoda the character weigh? 17 kg or 37 lbs (but see Yoda (canon) on Wookieepedia).
  • Naked Yoda would look like a turtle without a shell.
  • What are the TIE bombers actually doing? Shooting at the asteroids is pointless; they are just proving to Vader that they're doing something.
  • They're trying to flush out the Falcon. What if they blew up the Falcon by mistake?
  • How long does C-3PO's head work without his body (i.e. if he was blown apart in space)? This sounds like a fan fiction opportunity.
  • Leia is sitting in the Falcon's cockpit by herself.
    • She's either mad at Han Solo or smitten with him after the kiss.
    • She is more mellow from this point on so maybe she did need a good kiss after all.
    • She can smell Han Solo's cologne in the cockpit.
    • "Kiss" is code in the Star Wars universe.
    • As per a normal horror movie, Leia is attacked by a monster after "kissing".
  • The Mynock attacking the Falcon is another "jump out of your seat" startling moment—like the Sand People attacking Luke in Star Wars. (Note – The term "Sand People" is bleeped out in the podcast as this is an offensive term in the Star Wars universe.)
  • How is a Mynock made? A suction cup, shaving cream and a mop.
  • Is the suction cup the Mynock's mouth or something else?
  • Can Mynocks kill people?
  • There will be Mynock trivia in the next podcast episode (minute 59).
  • Their suction cup looks dangerous and a Mynock is like a flying roach that makes a terrible noise.
  • Why is C-3PO scared of mynocks? They are sucking on the Falcon's power cables so maybe the could suck on C-3PO's exposed mid-section.
  • There is a funny reaction shot of Han and Chewie slowly looking up with their welding masks on. This would be in the opening credits if this was an 80's TV show. The credits would have saxophone music playing over them.
  • Han is still not interested in C-3PO's comments.
  • Pete has written in his notes "shields and tennis ball". He has no idea what this means.

Meta Minute

  • 22:02 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call - Yoda gets very scary during the "you will be; you will be" line.


  • Tony: I am Tony Consiglio and I am the creator of...Stephen King.
  • Alex: <As an uncertain Yoda> You might not be, but you may be!
  • Alex: <Mynock impression that sounds like Don Knotts.>



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