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When you're in space, it's really hard to determine scale. At times, the only way to get an idea about how big an object is to compare it to something that you're more familiar with. This has led Alex to ask (of many objects in the Star Wars universe) "What is that in Enterprises?". The Enterprise comparison was started in ESB 37 by Tim Kreider.

Below is a list of Star Wars-related objects, and how big they are, according to our hosts and guests.

Note: These may not be the canon actual sizes, they are based solely on what is stated on the podcast.

How Big is it?

What is it? Episode mentioned How big is it?
Abe Vigoda TPM 19 25 ft tall = 7 enterprises = 2 apples.
The Anodyne medical frigate TLJ 62 Almost exactly two enterprises long
The AT-AT ESB 33 3 or 4 stories at the belly, 60 Lukes high at the shoulder.
BB-8 TFA 5 1/15400th of an Enterprise in weight.
Colo Claw fish TPM 21 1/7th of an Enterprise.
The Eravana Freighter TFA 40 Less than two Enterprises, more than an Empire State Building
The First Order Dreadnaught Fulminatrix TLJ 5 27 Enterprises in length, and 3 in height
The ion cannon (V-150 Planet Defender) ESB 26 EPCOT center
The Rebel transport (GR-75 medium transport) ESB 26 1 Empire State (Strikes) Building in length
The Sando Aqua Monster TPM 19 9 Space apples tall.
Not even an Enterprise long.
Speeder bike maximum flying height ROTJ 60 1/10th–1/4th of an Enterprise
Imperial Star Destroyers ESB 37 3 Original Series <Star Trek> Enterprises or 4 Empire State (Strikes) Buildings in length
Yoda ESB 58 2 Yoda-pound bags of rock salt in weight.
Obi-Wan's fall from grace AOTC 17 2 Enterprises in height, or 94 stories.
SEBULBA!! SWM:WE 238 About a Labrador retriever in weight; light enough to give a piggyback ride.
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