Last Jedi Minute 65: Zinbiddle

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April 30th, 2021


Rose and Finn make a daring breakout of #DisneyJail accompanied by guest commentator Jordan White!


Jordan White



  • Starts off with DJ saying "Thief? I can do it." Ends with them escaping their jail cell on Canto Bight, as promised.
    • His affected vocal tic is very apparent in this minute.


  • Benicio del Toro's selected filmography.
  • Parallels between DJ and Lando. By assuming that he will turn out to be a good guy in the end you assume too much.
  • The word "boudoir".
    • Which Star Wars language is the equivalent to Earth French? Something that conveys a certain level of highfalutin snootiness. Mentioned: Diplospeak.
    • We can't help but imagine Snoke in his gold pajamas and slippers powdering his nose in his boudoir.
  • Callback to Dar Wac, Palpatine's harried Rodian assistant. Mentioned: enter The bureaucrats.
  • Could we see DJ again? Where?
  • The card he uses to pick his teeth and then the lock is a Zinbiddle card. Shout-out to previous guests of the show Ralph and Chrysanthe.
    • They play Zinbiddle at Canto Bight but not Sabacc. It's not considered posh enough (but see below).
      • How you actually play Sabacc, and where the Sabacc shift comes in.
  • Shout-out to former guest the show Noah segan (Stomeroni Stark): isn't Rian Johnson's uncle supposed to be in this shot?
    • The visual dictionary depicts all the other prisoners. They are all human, and so are all the police.
  • Jordan updates his film rankings.
  • The Rise of Skywalker leaked script.
    • People speculated who were Rey's parents and who was Snoke after The Force Awakens came out, but Jordan's opinion is that it didn't matter: Rey's parents were as shown in the movie as the people she needed to get away from, and Snoke was just "some bad guy".
    • This movie said "don't worry about it" but in a dramatic and interesting way, then Rise of Skywalker said, "but wait I actually have answers" and we don't care as much.
  • Plug for Jordan's podcast Sailor Business. Mentioned: Jordan's ukulele covers.

Meta Minute

  • 25:38 podcast episode length.
  • According to Wookieepedia, there are a couple of variants of Sabacc that are played at Canto Bight. These include Centran sabacc and Empress Teta Preferred sabacc.
    • Frequently during their coverage of the James Bond films, Pete brought up his issue with the appearance of Texas hold 'em poker in the Daniel Craig Casino Royale, and his opinion that Bond should be playing baccarat instead (as he did when he was first introduced in Dr. No).
      • There is an in-universe card game called "Bakurat", but it's more like Tarot than poker. But maybe that's what baccarat is like here on earth. Who can really say? Nobody actually knows the rules to baccarat do they?
      • There's also an article for Space Poker, but the game only appears in the Legends novel series "Star Wars Science Adventures".
  • DJ's Zinbiddle card does appear to be a 6 as it has six triangular holes (in two columns of 3), but since it's not actually red it's unlikely to be vermillion.
  • The video version cuts off abruptly at 25:14, in the middle of Alex mentioning that people mix up which of the hosts' voices belong to whom.


  • Alex: (as Emperor Palpatine) I'm spending a fortune on gold pajamas and waterbeds!
  • Pete: No matter what, people are going to complain. Jordan: <sighing> Augh these people.


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