Phantom Menace Minute 20: Maxibig

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December 18th, 2015


The lights flicker on, revealing an ugly Colo claw fish right in front of them.


Tony Consiglio and briefly Tiny Consiglio



  • Starts with Darth Sidious talking trash behind Queen Amidala's back. Ends with Jar Jar shrieking (not for the first nor the last time) about a monster.
  • Cool background droid action.
    • PK worker droids
  • Cut line about "pathetic lifeforms"


  • There is less background information available on Prequel droids in part because the use of CGI makes it easier to just throw in a bunch of extra background characters
  • How do they decide who will be live action vs. CGI?
  • Tony again recites what he thinks Jar Jar is saying.
  • Obi-Wan's line in a future minute is supposed to be a callback to his cut line.
  • Jar Jar has heard of the Force, but doesn't think to highly of it. He is the Han Solo of the Prequels.
  • Other movies where the slang is so incomprehensible that it can't be understood (even in English).
  • If you were to translate Jar Jar's line back into regular English and delivered less hysterically, it would be better.
    • Parallels to C-3PO in the asteroid field in ESB.
  • Jedi stoicism is detrimental to the drama.
  • Why isn't Darth Sidious more concerned with the fate of the two Jedi? Can't he sense that the Nemoidians are holding something back?
  • Call the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline.

Meta Minute

  • 21:30 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call: Caller remembers telling friend that Boss Nass was his favorite character (Sorry, Pete).
  • Wookieepedia refers to the plating color of Battle droids as being tan, or sand-red.
    • The battle droids with yellow markings are specialized "OOM commander" droids, the ones with blue markings are "OOM pilot" battle droids and the ones with red are the "OOM security droids". The "OOM" series were the predecessors of the B1 battle droids (which look just like them, sans colored epaulets).
  • From the script:

JAR JAR: Ooooh, maxibig..."da Force"...Wellen, dat smells stinkowiff.

  • Pete hasn't seen a lot of things that people think he should have seen—he has a lot of cultural blind spots.


  • Pete: ...we analyze, scrutinize, and "missing Jedis"...
  • Alex: You know, President Bernie Sanders...


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