Phantom Menace Minute 21: Dinotopia

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December 21st, 2015


The Colo claw fish leaps after the fleeing sub as it shoots out of the tunnel and into the waiting jaws of the Sando aqua monster.


Ralph Attanasia



  • Starts with Jar Jar screaming incomprehensibly, ends with Amidala staring out the window.
  • Trailer shot.


  • We're no longer afraid of saying the name of the Naboo moive.
  • Ralph weighs in on what "the phantom menace" actually is.
  • Sea orphans.
  • Mentioned: What is that in Enterprises?, Godzilla size.
  • Qui-Gon's "Vulcan neck pinch".
  • Jar Jar/Ahmed Best behind the scenes cosplay.
  • Comparisons of Jar Jar with Roger Rabbit.
  • Theed doesn't look like people actually live there or they're actually being invaded.
  • Differences from the original draft.
    • The planet was called Utapau (later reused) and the city was called Oxon.
  • The UCB "Titular line in Star Wars" sketch.
  • Shoutout to John Williams and the great martial "invasion music".
  • Amidala's glow globes dress. Is it powered by:
    • Bioluminescent plankton?
    • The obvious cord you can see running from it?

Meta Minute

  • 26:51 podcast episode length.
  • Cold Open: No ad this week because it's the holidays.
  • Cuke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Cannoli are from Grocery Store Wars
  • The capital city of Dinotopia (which is the name of the island) is Sauropolis[1].
  • The critters that cause the bioluminescence in the Dino Pet toys are called Dinoflagellates.
  • This episode starts off a rare week where the episode numbers and the release dates line up. In fact, this is the only time this has happened up to now.


  • Ralph: Our El Guapo happens to be the real El Guapo.
  • Ralph: These aren't the robots that you wanted to find. That's a direct quote.
  • Ralph: The fork can have a strong influence on certain foods.
  • Ralph: That's hilarious. You can tell by how hard I'm laughing.
  • Ralph: an occupation force. Like you would get in sort of a—not to put to fine a point on it—like a "star war".
  • Pete: Please, save your plankton.


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