Phantom Menace Minute 51: Jerk Planet

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Commlink and blood tester.jpeg


February 1st, 2016


Qui-Gon takes the blood stained chip and inserts it into the comlink, then calls Obi-Wan.


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Midi-chlorians first mentioned
  • First mention (episode order) of Yoda
  • Cut Greedo scene would have just ended
  • Only scene shot purely on digital film
    • Other Prequels shot solely on digital


  • Joseph's general prequel feelings
  • The 'science' of Midi-chlorians
  • Qui-Gon as the one who wanted to train Anakin
    • Paternal relationship
    • Obi-Wan's guilt at Qui-Gon's death forces him to train Anakin = character growth
  • Almost no "applause shots" (see first few minutes of Empire Minute) except for Darth Maul
  • Mentioned: Yarael Poof, Mogo the Living Planet from Green Lantern

Meta Minute

  • 23:32 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: "Poorly made and enjoyable are not mutualy exclusive. No- Yes." - Pete
  • Pete: "You're gonna have to give me seven Wupiupis, if you know what I mean. Uh—" Alex: "That'll take hours."


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