Phantom Menace Minute 64: Mariomar

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February 18th, 2016


Anakin works his way through a dense mass of racers as they zoom over a dune sea, kicking up dust.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Kitster gives a hearty "Yippee!"


Meta Minute

  • 22:41 podcast episode length.
  • The question that Alex was pushing back was first mentioned on-air yesterday.
  • Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from "The Wire") was cast as Dryden Vos in Solo, but because he was unable to return for reshoots following the firing of Lord and Miller, the role was given to Paul Bettany[1].


  • Asterios: Wow. Half of Star Wars Minute is baffled by this minute of Star Wars.
  • Alex: Who wouldn't want to marry Omar?"
  • Pete: This movie can buy cigarettes. Asterios: This movie can be drafted. Alex: It should have been "second drafted". Goodnight!


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