Phantom Menace Minute 82: Finis

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March 15th, 2016


The sleek Naboo spacecraft lands on the platform high above the street level of the galactic capital.


Chris Radtke



Ends with Qui-guy telling the chancellor that the situation has become more complicated.
  • We see Republic Guards for the first time.


  • Brief discussion of the number 327.
    • Chris and his friends celebrated Life Day on March 27th.
    • Boonta = Life day?
    • Referenced: The TV series “227” starring Marla Gibbs as Mary Jenkins.
  • The hosts like to see the evolution of Republic Guards into the Emperor's Royal Guards.
    • Chris thinks the whole thing is garbage and a mistake.
  • Coruscant is too clean and polished to be in the used universe of Star Wars.
    • BUT, this is the "President's landing platform", which means it should be even shinier.
  • Terence Stamp (Valorum) is the highest-ranking Superman II crossover to date.
    • Compared to, say, Gold Leader.
    • He was totally underused in this film, but then taking big actors and wasting them in tiny roles is kind of a Star Wars thing.
    • Referenced: Star Trek: Generations.
  • Palpatine || Trump.
  • "Sorbet" is still standing in for Padmé.
  • Finis (Valorum), Sheev (Palpatine), and Wilhuff (Tarkin) were probably roommates and part of a secret society like the Skull and Bones at Yale. They probably went on secret retreats for movers and shakers.
  • Scene is shot from Anakin's POV. Was this intentional?
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 25:57 podcast episode length.
  • The Russian equivalent of US Navy Seals is the Spetsnaz.
  • It's interesting that the Resistance/Rebel Alliance have become something of a symbol of the resistance to the Trump administration.
  • Chris has two positive things about these movies. The first is Ewan McGregor. He will reveal the second thing on Thursday.


  • Chris: What do you think is the Naboo national anthem? Alex: <snores loudly>.
  • Chris: Terence Stamp is NO MAN’S PATSY!
  • Pete: We'll be Tarkin' about it tomorrow, so we Wilhuff addressed it then.


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