Phantom Menace Minute 9: Pregnant To

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December 3rd, 2015


On the view screen, Queen Amidala appears in her throne room.


Josh Flanagan



  • First explanation of the affairs of the Senate
  • First view of Theed
    • Waterfall is salt
  • Already Padmé is in top four for most lines spoken by a woman in original six movies


  • More on the Fisher Clause
    • We get to hear some fake Australian accents
  • What does the Trade Federation actually want?
  • Theoretically what would one cosplay as?
  • Portman facts!
  • Mentioned: Your Highness (2011), Don't talk about the toys, wrong show

Meta Minute

  • 31:53 podcast episode length.
  • When this episode originally aired the closing theme started too soon, while Josh was in the middle of his toy talk. The comedic timing actually worked pretty well, as it sounded like Pete was trying to get him to stop talking. The music cut out just as he reached "And then I bought them all." This lent a dramatic flourish to the statement and made the music flub sound intentional.


  • Pete: (à la George Lucas) Slower, more diplomatic.
  • Josh: Joey Balls!
  • Alex: Oh my God, I got pregnanted by this guy!


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