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Alex co-hosts the Ink Panthers podcast, and is the author of several graphic novels . He first saw Star Wars in 1977 and enjoys talking about himself in the third person. Alex is married to former guest of the show Kristen Siebecker. For a sampling of some of his Star Wars related work, including original artwork created for Gold Squadron Patreon supporters, see the Alex Robinson Art Gallery‎.

Alex is beloved by fans for his artwork, and for his Alec Guinness impression. Unfortunately the impression has drifted over the years as a result of doing a Liverpudlian accent on Alphabeatical.

Alex's mom is half Gonk (AotC 78). He is a noted puggist and vegetable hater (SWM:WE 111A). He alone knows the correct pronunciation of Rogue One.

Rank the Star Wars Movies

4, 5, R1, 6, 7=3, 2, 1 (AotC 80, Rogue One added SWM:WE 103)

Phantom Menace Number

Around 4