Attack of the Clones Minute 73: The Cat

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February 21st, 2017


OWEN LARS and BERU WHITESUN come out into the courtyard.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with Ani telling C-3PO that he's looking for his mother, and ends with Cliegg Lars telling Anakin that Shmi was out picking mushrooms.
  • We meet Uncle Owen and Aunt "girlfriend" Beru.
  • No Lars kitchen noise.


  • Referenced: That's what Shnmi said.
  • First, we have to address the horrible Padawan braid
    • Although the rattail and the braid are entirely two different things, they're both heinous.
    • Assessment of Anakin's hairstyles
    • They sold clip-on Padawan braids at Forbidden Planet.

Pete's hair

Pete: ...I'm not currently at liberty to discuss anybody's hairstyle, 'cause mine's terrible at the moment, so...
Meredith: That's a lie, he's wearing a hat—
Pete: (interrupting) It's why I'm wearing a hat—
Meredith: I feel like we should speak truth to the listeners, he's wearing a hat right now, we can't tell. We'll speak truth to power.
Pete: I've got this up here going on.
Meredith: Oh he took his hat off!
Pete: Just this.
Meredith: *whispery voice* Oh my gosh that's really long.
Pete: This is bad for the listeners, I'm not sure if it's going to make it to air, but....
Alex: For the listener at home, Pete has a three-foot tall...Afro.
Pete: ...Jedi braid...
Meredith: Pete removed his hat...and it's just mostly bang.
Pete: Yeah I've got bangs and nothing else, almost. It's almost like a Chelsea grown out.
Meredith: I mean it's like six inches of bang just on the top of the front of his head, and everything else looks like it was cut normally, and then they just opted not to cut the front?
Pete: "They" is me. I just needed a quick haircut.—
Meredith: (interrupting) You cut yourself?
Pete: Yeah, this is—well I don't cut myself, but I—
Alex: When I think about you I cut myself.
Pete: [...] Maybe this is pertinent to Star Wars...the Jedi haircut thing. I haven't gotten a professional haircut since I was a teenager. And this is not... not my best work.
Meredith: It looks like one of those Kewpie dolls [...] where their heads come to a point, that's where your hair goes. Is this public knowledge that you cut your own hair?
Pete: Now it is.

Other Notes

  • Ewan McGregor's performance
  • Meredith's high hopes for the (then upcoming) Han Solo movie.
    • Referenced: Alden Ehrenreich's performance in Beautiful Creatures.
    • What was the movie that Solo was to be a style copy of? Mentioned: "Firefly", Serenity, "Tailspin".
  • We return to Pete's "droids as cats" thing. If you lived with a cat and a roommate, and the cat and roommate move out, and then years later you came to own that same cat again, would you recognize that cat?
    • Maybe the analogy with cats is wrong; C-3PO is like a Toyota Tercel that got a new coat of paint since the last time you saw it.
    • Mentioned: What Dreams May Come.
    • Owen has a scene in the exact same place where he will buy Threepio and Artoo years later. Maybe Owen had his memory erased too?
  • Sam Worthington==Garrett Hedlund==Gareth Edwards==Joel Edgerton
    • Mentioned: The Great Gatsby (2013).
  • Jack Thompson
    • Jack Thompson's magazine centerfold. Shoutout to Steele Saunders.
    • Jack Thompson was also in The Great Gatsby as well as The Assassination of Richard Nixon and Man-Thing (2005)
  • How Cliegg and Shmi met. What was their meet-cute?
  • Is their relationship more husband and wife or master and slave?
  • Beru's juice.
  • Padmé's awkward introduction of herself.
    • Anakin's shift in obsessive focus from Padmé to Shmi.
  • Cliegg's pirate voice.
    • Mentioned: Hook.
  • Why did nobody let Anakin know that his mom had been kidnapped and probably killed? The Jedi want know attachments.
  • Was it Lucas' intention that the Jedi come across as jerks in these movies?
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Meta Minute

  • 29:51 podcast episode length.
  • Pete would eventually get a professional haircut, at the suggestion of social media.
  • Hate to break this to you Meredith, but Miller and Lord would eventually be fired from the Solo movie, and the finished product ended up receiving rather more mixed reviews1.
  • Worthington and Edgerton are Australian. Hedlund is American, and Edwards is English.
  • Although he does not appear in person in the film, Stan Lee can be seen in a photo in the background of the Man-Thing movie.
  • Pete previously made the joke conflating Shmi with Smee during their episode on the trailer for the Naboo movie.


  • Meredith: So Padmé's the cat? Alex: Aunt Beru is the cat. Pete: (exasperatedly) C-3PO's always the cat. We have to save him; that's the plot of the movie.
  • Alex: I bought my cat from a Jawa, so I don't know where he was before that.
  • Pete: I found something wrong with Attack of the Clones. I win a prize, right?
  • Alex: Can you see his [Jack Thompson's] "moisture vaporator" in it?
  • Alex: I think it's funny that a guy famous for posing nude was in a movie called "Man-Thing". Meredith: I do too! And I'm really proud of us for getting that joke eventually.
  • Alex: Is it "Shmi" or "Smee" in Hook? Pete: I think it's "Smee" but with a pirate accent.
  • Meredith: (on the Prequels) ...all those board meetings—Alex: More like "bored audience".
  • Alex: Whoah. Dude. Now who's been out getting mushrooms?


Jack Thompson centerfold (censored)

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