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Connor Ratliff is the creator of The George Lucas Talk Show, where real guests are interviewed by him while he pretends to be George Lucas. He was the warm-up comedian for The Chris Gethard Show on TruTV, as well as a frequent contributor to MNN version, where he launched his 2012 Presidential campaign and for which he co-created a series of experimental and animated shorts with award-winning artist Maelle Doliveux called The Lone Cornmeal Machine.

He is also the co-star and co-creator of the web series I'm Too Fragile For This with Cathryn Mudon, and starred in the IFC web series, Bottled, and the Comedy Central web series, Dollar Store Therapist. He has appeared on This American Life and the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. You can hear Connor as the co-host of the podcast "12 Hour Day with JD & Connor" which is a 12-hour long podcast where every episode consists of an uncut and unedited twelve-hour conversation between himself and JD Amato. His other podcast, the critically-acclaimed "Dead Eyes" (from Headgum Studios) is an ongoing investigation of the time he was fired by Tom Hanks from a small role in the HBO mini-series, Band Of Brothers, because he supposedly had "dead eyes" on his audition tape. The Spirit Of Ratliff, his album of Secular XMAS songs & anti-Summer anthems written with singer/songwriter Mikey Erg is available as a limited edition 12" Secular Red vinyl LP from State Champion Records.

One time he got stuck on a train and Huffington Post and NBC News speculated that he had lost his mind. Google it, it was a real news story.

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