Empire Minute 69: His Most Grover Moment

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Frank Oz also voiced Grover on Sesame Street


April 17th, 2014


Luke concentrates on trying to lift the top rock. It rises a few feet, shaking under the strain. But, distracted by Artoo's frantic beeping, Luke loses his balance and finally collapses. Yoda jumps clear.


Chris Radtke



  • Minute 69!
  • Starts with Luke Levitz using the Force to levitate rocks and stack them up; ends with Luke seeing the X-wing in the swamp and giving it a try - 'it' being getting the X-wing out of the swamp.


  • Yoda got all up on Luke's feet in the last minute and Pete has an argument against Yoda using The Force to get up there:
    • If he used The Force to get up then why didn't he use The Force when he fell down?
    • Chris - the fall was for dramatic effect to make Luke feel inadequate.
    • He only fell for the first part and then slowly glided down or did a series of flips to the ground.
    • Muppets falling over is usually just the puppet being thrown. They should have done that with Yoda - thrown him off screen with sound effects and a puff on sawdust to indicate that he had fallen.
    • An image that always makes Pete happy is a photograph of Yoda falling in this scene - the photograph captures Yoda mid-fall.
    • Yoda looks like those movie actors in the 70s and 80s that could make their eyes bug out, for example Marty Feldman.
    • This scene is Yoda's most Grover / Super Grover moment.
  • Why does the X-wing suddenly sink lower? Chris has one view and Pete and Alex have another.
    • Chris:
      • Yoda made this happen to put more pressure on Luke. Remember, all Jedi teachers are tricky, conniving, sneaky liars.
      • The secret apprentice (played by Sam Witwer) in the Force Unleashed Star Wars video games can stop a Star Destroyer with The Force, so moving an X-wing is nothing.
      • Yoda thinks that Luke's dad was a real jerk and it looks like Luke is too.
      • Yoda is just hazing Luke the whole time.
    • Pete and Alex:
      • Yoda was always trying to think of different things that would distract Luke. Yoda was concerned that Luke was getting too big for his britches.
      • This is another part of the training in which Yoda pushes Luke to his breaking point by making the tasks impossible to complete. So far he has:
        • Designed the fake Halloween garage.
        • Served him gross food.
        • Stole his lamp.
        • And now he sinks his spaceship.
      • This is a Kobayashi Maru (from Star Trek) - a sequence of unwinnable tasks designed to see how Luke deals with them.
  • Luke already has all the abilities that he needs and doesn't do anything new from this point on in the movie.
  • This may not be the real Yoda - it might be Minch. The real Yoda then turns turns up and Minch has to explain what he's been doing to Luke.
  • Luke has been on Dagobah for a few days so why didn't he think of the X-wing sooner?
    • There was clearly room on land to park it.
    • Luke is also not cleaning his R2 unit.
    • Maybe Yoda stopped Luke every time he went to move the X-wing.
    • Or, given that Luke is just a farm kid from the desert, he doesn't understand what water can do to electronics.
    • Luke has a history of crashing ships and just assumes that someone will give him another one.
  • If it's not Yoda making the X-wing sink and if it did get sucked down and lost forever, then what happens in the movie?
    • Luke just keeps on training.
    • At some point Yoda and Luke use The Force to snag a passing spaceship.
    • Although Yoda must have a spaceship on Dagobah somewhere.
    • Yoda would be really upset at the thought of being stuck with Luke forever and him never being able to save the universe.
  • Does Luke deserve Yoda's scorn for always thinking that it cannot be done?
    • Luke has generally been positive during his time on Dagobah.
    • Yoda has been the negative one.
    • Yoda is definitely projecting himself onto Luke in this scene.
    • Maybe he's been referring to himself the whole time? Yoda has been looking into a mirror when he says things like "this one is too old".
  • Yoda clearly has an axe to grind with the Skywalkers and is taking it out on Luke.
    • Yoda is angry at Anakin for destroying the Jedi way of life.
    • Does Luke ever find out the ugly truth about his father's behavior? He must eventually.
    • As the Empire rises to prominence do they let everyone know who the Emperor's right-hand man <so to speak> really is, or do they use Imperial spin?
    • The Empire calls their things The Death Star and Star Destroyers so they're clearly not worried about PR.
    • Maybe there are scary children's stories like "You better brush your teeth or else Darth Vader will visit and...".
    • Vader is like the Freddy Krueger of his day.
      • Referenced: A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.
  • Yoda says his line "Unlearn what you have learned". Have the hosts ever had to do this?
    • Alex - yes, Spanish.
    • Chris - yes, pretty much everything from 8th grade on.
    • Yoda should have put Luke in front of Wikipedia to distract him while Yoda set up the next Halloween cave. Luke would just be calling out random facts the whole time.
  • Whiny Luke returns in this scene.
    • Chris didn't notice whiny Luke until he was an adult. Kids don't know that they're whiny but with grown-ups always telling them what to do why wouldn't they be.
    • The X-wing sinks and Luke whines.
    • He's cranky because Yoda has been riding him the whole time, literally.
  • Why are the rocks on Dagobah so perfectly round? Yoda created these in his rock tumbler and gets upset when Luke damages them.
  • We see the Red 5 markers on the X-wing as it sinks; five red stripes.
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Meta Minute

  • 15:07 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read - Amazon; starwarsminute.com/amazon.
  • Marty Feldman (who among many other roles played Igor in Young Frankenstein) suffered from Graves' Disease resulting in exopthalmos.


  • Chris: I'm Chris Radtke from Cooking with Star Wars, the Star Wars chef podcast.
  • Chris: I'm here for the bountys.
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