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Garon Cockrell is the Founder and Editor of Pop Culture Beast and host of The Pop Culture Beast Show. He founded the site over seven years ago to have a place on the internet to write about the things he loved. Since then, Garon has become a best-selling author (Demonic and Other Tales), an award winning screenwriter (Best Screenplay 2013 Motor City Nightmares Film Festival), and a cast member on the top rated podcast, Never Not Funny.

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Phantom Menace Number

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Total Airtime
3 hours, 13 minutes, 12 seconds
Average Episode Length
32 minutes, 12 seconds
Longest Episode
Attack of the Clones Minute 141: Credits to Credits (44 minutes, 20 seconds)
Shortest Episode
The Force Awakens Minute 52: Filofax (22 minutes, 36 seconds)
This information complete as of the TFA - R1 Hiatus

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