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Matt Belknap is a producer, entrepreneur, and barber.
He began Aspecialthing, the premier comedy message board, which later brought about AST Records. You might recognize him from the very popular podcast Never Not Funny hosted by Jimmy Pardo.
He also produces Doug Loves Movies, Bear Down Podcast, and The Smartest Man in the World. He rates himself a C- Star Wars nerd, which in general society puts him in the top 1%.

Rank the Star Wars Movies

Phantom Menace Number

At least 3

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Total Airtime
10 hours, 57 minutes, 25 seconds
Average Episode Length
28 minutes, 35 seconds
Longest Episode
SW Special Edition Minute 104: Outtake Reel (59 minutes, 19 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Phantom Menace Minute 31: Tailorbots (18 minutes, 59 seconds)

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