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Gary "Gaz" Gretsky is an animator and sometimes comic artist, specializing in Caricatures, Comic Books, Illustration, and Animation. His work ranges from CD Covers for a local bands to Spring Break commercials for MTV, to the animated Nickelodeon show Pinky Dinky Doo. He owns 29 different versions of Luke Skywalker in figure form. One year for Halloween they were out of Star Wars costumes except for a Chewbacca outfit with no mask. Gaz wanted to be a Star Wars character so bad that he made his grandmother get it for him. She took a wolfman mask from another costume, and later used a sharpie to make the nose black and enacted other superficial changes to the lupine Wookiee mask. He was temporarily mollified, and the next year went as Darth Vader. Gaz currently lives in San Jose, California. He is married, with cats.

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Total Airtime
1 hour, 28 minutes, 55 seconds
Average Episode Length
17 minutes, 47 seconds
Longest Episode
Star Wars Minute 34: Idealistic Crusade (21 minutes, 33 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Star Wars Minute 32: Old Man Hair (13 minutes, 31 seconds)
This information complete as of the TPM - AOTC Hiatus

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